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Spatial Branding : Transforming Environments into Brand Experiences

This engaging panel discussion facilitated by Andrew Mitchell will delve into how architecture and design shape brand identity in physical environments.

12.30pm - 1.15pm
Thursday 13 June 2024
Design Show Australia
ICC Sydney

From defining spatial branding to creating immersive brand experiences that align with brand values, this session offers actionable insights and real-world examples.

Explore the intersection of design and branding, and future trends in spatial branding that will position you ahead of the curve.

This workshop is part of the official Design Show Australia programme of events. Please register at the Design Show Australia website by clicking the link below.


Potential Discussion Points

Defining Spatial Branding:
- What does "spatial branding" mean in the context of architecture and design?
- How does the physical environment contribute to a brand's identity?


Creating Immersive Experiences:
- Discuss how architects and designers can go beyond aesthetics to create immersive and memorable brand experiences.
- Examples of spaces where spatial branding has been particularly effective.


Aligning Design with Brand Values:
- How can architects and designers incorporate a brand's core values into the spatial design?
- The challenges and benefits of ensuring alignment between design choices and brand messaging.

The Role of Storytelling:
- Explore how storytelling can be integrated into spatial branding to communicate a brand's narrative.
- Examples of spaces that effectively tell a brand's story through design elements.


Collaboration Between Designers and Brand Strategists:
- Discuss the collaborative process between designers and brand strategists in creating spaces that align with brand objectives.
- Successful case studies where interdisciplinary collaboration led to effective spatial branding.


Future Trends in Spatial Branding:
- Explore emerging trends and technologies that are likely to impact the future of spatial branding.
- How designers can stay ahead of the curve and anticipate evolving brand needs.


Our Panellists

Hana Hakim



British born Syrian Hana Hakim is an award-winning interior designer and the founder of the Stella Collective.


Her ability to infuse light and space into her work has led to commissions locally and internationally from elegant workspaces that embody wellbeing to Australia’s most prolific & iconic restaurants. Framing these spaces and volumes with extreme precision her design is known to have a timeless quality that touches the human core.

A number of brands, restaurants, luxury retail houses, workspaces and private residences have been marked with the ‘Stella Seal of Loose Luxury’ embodying Hana’s signature of elegant clean lines, light-filled tranquillity & voluminous splendour.


Her passion to breathe life into businesses, buildings, and feel-good culture through design with her team is unrivalled; each job, regardless of size, takes shape after a deep research period, delving into space, volumes, ambiance, context and history...and most importantly the clients narrative...


A unique mantra exists within the culture and company she has built in stella. Each project is a tribute to travel, opening your heart to adventure, memories and powerful story telling.

Hana Profile Pic_edited.jpg
AMANDA HENDERSON - GlossCreative900x1200_edited.jpg

Amanda Henderson



Amanda Henderson has defied categorisation providing creative direction and concept development to fashion and luxury markets. Amanda is a master of brand expression, creating temporary scenography of enduring emotion. Through Gloss Creative as her prolific creative platform she founded in 2001, Amanda designs and executes exquisite projects, every installation breaking new ground. Gloss Creative elevates brands through creative renewal and specialize in the creation of highly emotive set and event design, runways, retail installations and temporary marquees.


Awarded by her peers nationally, Amanda is widely recognised as a design leader who has furthered the scope of visual merchandising beyond the retail world, her visionary expressions inspiring a new generation of designers to create temporary visual emotion across multiple design platforms.

Cushla McFadden


Cushla McFadden, director of Tom Mark Henry brings her adept creativity and systematic delivery approach to design that sees unique design resolutions realised with each project. She gains a great deal of satisfaction when a project is truly collaborative, and a number of factors contribute to its success. 


Tom Mark Henry's passion for design and authentic approach to work is evident in their rich and diverse collection of projects. Based in Sydney and Brisbane, Tom Mark Henry's comprehensive design service is underpinned by a set of specialist skills, enabling the consistent development of unique, creative solutions bespoke to each client and brief.

Cushla McFadden Headshot_edited.jpg
Daniel Boddam Portrait_Photography by Timothy Kaye_edited.jpg

Daniel Boddam


Daniel Boddam is an Australian architect and furniture designer driven by a pursuit of simplicity. Establishing his eponymous studio in 2013, Daniel quickly committed himself to “the poetry of reduction” – a singular belief that a sense of calm and wellbeing can be achieved through design.


Regardless of expression – architecture, interiors, or furniture design – the studio seeks to inspire human engagement and a connection with nature whilst celebrating the artisanal. Supporting locally made and sustainable design is a key priority within the studio, continuously experimenting within each architecture project and furniture design – working with materials, colours and textures that are not only inspired by the raw landscape but are also supporting the landscape.

Andrew Mitchell



Andrew has been working in the design industry for more than 25 years and established his award-winning business MR. MITCHELL in November of 2000. With a particular focus on building meaningful relationships within the industry, he has established a strong network of professionals with whom he collaborates on a regular basis.

As the founder of The Design Coach Australia, Andrew contributes to the ongoing professional development of architects, designers and stylists and is creating a platform for connecting and advancing the design community. Established in 2018, The Design Coach offers a range of classes, coaching services and retreats that aim to empower designers with knowledge and equip them with the confidence to successfully achieve their dreams.


From the early days of his business, Andrew has strived to contribute to both the design community and the community at large. Over the years he has participated in mentoring programs for design students and has instigated community events, raising money for multiple charitable organisations including the Breast Cancer Australia, The Lighthouse Foundation and The National Trust of Australia.

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