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Rewriting Your Business Narrative

An official speaker event at Design Show Australia, hosted by  Andrew Mitchell of The Design Coach.

3.15pm - 3.45pm
Friday 14 June 2024
Design Show Australia
ICC Sydney

What's Your Story?

As designers and architects, we excel at storytelling and connecting emotionally with concepts, yet many of us struggle to convey our business prowess effectively.


Often, our narratives are tinged with negativity and doubt, particularly regarding our financial capabilities.


In this session, Andrew will guide you to reevaluate and rewrite your business narrative, offering practical tools to empower you towards a more promising future.

This workshop is part of the official Design Show Australia programme of events. Please register at the Design Show Australia website by clicking the link below.

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Andrew Mitchell



Andrew has been working in the design industry for more than 25 years and established his award-winning business MR. MITCHELL in November of 2000. With a particular focus on building meaningful relationships within the industry, he has established a strong network of professionals with whom he collaborates on a regular basis.

As the founder of The Design Coach Australia, Andrew contributes to the ongoing professional development of architects, designers and stylists and is creating a platform for connecting and advancing the design community. Established in 2018, The Design Coach offers a range of classes, coaching services and retreats that aim to empower designers with knowledge and equip them with the confidence to successfully achieve their dreams.


From the early days of his business, Andrew has strived to contribute to both the design community and the community at large. Over the years he has participated in mentoring programs for design students and has instigated community events, raising money for multiple charitable organisations including the Breast Cancer Australia, The Lighthouse Foundation and The National Trust of Australia.

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