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Life after lockdown: Five things we need to hold onto in business and in life

Updated: May 1

Business as (un)usual: How isolation has inspired reinvention

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As we start to emerge from months in lockdown, a lot of us are deciding what we want our post-iso reality to look like. A global pandemic certainly has the power to make us take stock of our lives and decide what works and what doesn’t.

For design professionals, there are so many positives we can carry into our post-pandemic world – fresh insights into technology, a renewed commitment to professional development, and appreciation of the simple things in life.

As we shed our former plans for 2020 (along with those COVID kgs), let’s take a minute to focus on the lockdown gains.

dirt road and horizon
As restrictions continue to ease, there are so many positives we can carry into our post-iso lives. Image: Wendy Stiles

Growing your business online

When businesses moved online almost overnight, we had to quickly adapt by embracing new digital platforms. Online design consults using Zoom, Skype and Google Meet allowed interior designers to progress projects and bring much-needed joy to their clients. If your design business was previously limited by location, lockdown has shown us that it doesn’t have to be. Yes, face-to-face catch-ups are great and we’ve missed them dearly, but an online offering unlocks a whole new revenue stream enabling you to offer your expertise to clients further afield.

Interior designer and member of The Design Coach, Melissa Lunardon says, “My new e-design service has been a great way to work with clients during isolation and will continue to serve as an affordable design solution moving forward. The pandemic has allowed me to think of new ways to service clients.”

More opportunities to learn

Just like design consults have moved online, so too have online learning opportunities. During lockdown, The Design Coach moved all of our face-to-face classes online. While the change was forced upon us, it soon became a revelation. We can now reach and empower design professionals all over Australia and the world.

We were thrilled to see more and more designers use the time at home to expand their knowledge and skills. Over the coming months we will be launching new online classes so you can keep that momentum going.

laptop with coffee mug
Online seminars and classes means The Design Coach can reach more designers across Australia and the world.

Less commuting and more connecting

Not having to deal with traffic, packing lunches and ironing work attire has been a welcome plus. I don’t think a lot of us realised how the accumulation of small daily stressors were affecting our overall mood and wellbeing. Working from home has given us more time to connect with our partners, kids and pets (even if home schooling nearly sent a lot of parents over the edge).

As restrictions continue to ease, we’ll once again find ourselves rushing through our morning routine. While we fill our cars with that ultra-cheap petrol, I hope we remember to carry our newfound flexibility into our post-lockdown lives – working from home more often, finding time for a walk at the local park, and maintaining the deeper connections we’ve forged with our loved ones.

mother with children in paddock
Working from home has meant more time with our families, doing simple things like going for walk. Image: Wendy Stiles

Renewed desire to renovate or build

Spending 24/7 at home has made people realise just how many things they might like to change about their residence. They might have realised that their dated kitchen isn’t cutting it, or that their home study just isn’t fit for purpose. After years of putting a home renovation on hold, they are now keen to get started with the help of a talented designer like you.

The government’s HomeBuilder package is also something that will turn procrastinating renovators into prospective clients. If you want to benefit from the boom, now is the time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

beautiful interior
We’re set to see more people start home renovations thanks to the HomeBuilder package. Image: BCT Group

Deeper appreciation of the simple things

While the last few months have posed some challenges, lockdown has made us appreciate the things we used to take for granted – a coffee-catch-up with a work colleague, family gatherings, travelling, dining out, going to the gym, and hugs. Oh how we have missed hugs!

At The Design Coach we are going to move forward with a deep appreciation for every interaction and experience we encounter. We are already counting down the days until our Byron Retreat in September because we know the gathering is going to be even more transformative after months in isolation. If you’re ready for six days of immersive learning, wellness activities, coaching and connection, we would love you to join us.

While we’re excited to get back to our favourite restaurant and hold a boarding pass in our hands, life after lockdown will never be quite the same. It has the potential to be a whole lot better.

What positives are you going to take into life after lockdown? We’d love you to share them in the comments below.

Stay well, be kind and keep in touch.


Andrew and the TDC Team

Find out more about the services we offer to support designers here.

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Thanks Andrew, completely agree. We here in NZ are a little ahead of you all in Australia regarding life ‘going back to normal’ but it’s a great news is insanely busy! Exactly to your point - everyone has come out wanting to tackle that project they have been staring at all lockdown. We were worried but across the board (suppliers etc) everyone is reporting that there has been a big upswing. I’m so happy for our industry, long mt it continue x

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