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Premium Group Coaching Program

6 months of transformational coaching for your design business.
Be more confident, organised, profitable & accountable.

Group 4 commences 3 May 2022.


  • A small curated group of no more than 10 to 12 designers

  • 6 months of intensive group coaching

  • Commencement date 3 May 2022

  • By application only. We take a $100 deposit which will be refunded if your application is unsuccessful. If you're successful, we'll apply the $100 deposit to you your first payment

  • Get regular support over an extended period of time

  • Work through your personal business challenges

  • Implement beneficial processes into your business

  • Set powerful goals and be held to account by a supportive network

  • Get connected to a like-minded business community

  • Access the knowledge of industry related experts

  • Upgrade your outdated and ineffective contract

  • Deep-dive into business thought processes

  • Learn how to set and manage client expectations clearly and effectively

  • Regain the passion for your craft

$9,815 of life-changing value for only $3,570 – SAVE OVER 60%

Image by Victoria Heath

Behavioural Outcomes

Are you consistently stressed about meeting deadlines and managing your workload?


Do you spend more time putting out fires than focusing on successful project outcomes?

Have you lost the passion for your craft?

Break free from outdated patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and take your business to the next level.

  • Be more confident

  • Be more organised

  • Be more profitable

  • Be more accountable


  • 2 x 1.5 Hour Coaching Sessions per month via Zoom (value = $500 per month)

  • Access to 4 x Seminar Sessions (see list below) (value = $60 each)

  • 2 x 1-on-1 coaching session per designer to be used over the 6 months (value = $800)

  • Access to an exclusive Group Legal Contract (value in excess of $3,000)

  • Access to an exclusive Risk Management Strategy from our insurance partner Graeme Hay (valued at over $1,400)

  • A free half hour Accounting Consultation with TDC accounting expert Lauren Thiel (value $165)

  • A comprehensive goal setting framework

  • Access to a supportive accountability group to help you achieve your goals

  • Email support over the 6 months (conditions apply)

  • Networking with like-minded design professionals

  • 1 x Book Club session every second month (value = $580)

Save over 60% of total value

Video Conference
Young Designer

Who is this suitable for?

  • Members of the TDC community

  • Design professionals who have established business practices and are looking to refine their processes and learn new skills

  • ​Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Architects, Interior Decorators and Stylists

  • Team players who enjoy working with others to achieve outstanding outcomes

  • Members who are willing to dedicate time to complete the work required 

  • Designers who are looking to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals

    Who is this not suitable for?

  • Designers and decorators looking to set up systems from scratch (try our Business Bootcamp!)

  • Designers and decorators who are not clear on their fee structure (try our Business Bootcamp!)

  • Non-team players

Group Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are live via Zoom.


You set the agenda. Sessions will be tailored to the common pressure points for the group and will include powerful teachings combined with problem solving specific to your individual scenarios.


Your individual problems will be addressed. Unlike standard classes, a group coaching session addresses your individual problems and challenges. Solutions will be supported with tried and tested tools and templates.


Session Dates TBC


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

You can schedule your 2 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions any time throughout the 6 month program. Sessions are via phone or zoom, are 1 hour in duration and include a session summary.


These sessions are an opportunity to drill down into the specific issues you face in your business, and a chance to review individual challenges that arise during the program.

Image by Headway

Seminar Sessions

Learn from our industry experts in these live Q&A sessions. We have hand selected the best professionals who understand designers and speak to us in a language we understand! Seminar Sessions are held online via Zoom and are each 2 hours. You will leave each session with your questions answered and an E-Book summary.


Seminar Sessions TBC

"For the first time, in the 7 years I’ve been in business, I am 100% clear on my vision, purpose and the service that I want to provide to clients. I have the tools, techniques and confidence to be successful and to achieve the personal and professional goals I’ve set for myself. 

I’m grateful to Andrew for his kind approach and encouragement and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Premium Coaching Program to fellow designers."


- Julianne, 2020 Premium Group Coaching Program Member


Exclusive Legal Contract

We are offering our Premium Group Coaching Program members EXCLUSIVE access to the creation of a Group Contract.


We will be working with TDC lawyer Sharon Givoni, a specialist in working with designers and creatives. Sharon is the author of the book “Owning It: A Creative’s Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law”.


Sharon will work with us to utilise the contract of our Founder, Andrew Mitchell (of the successful interior design business MR. MITCHELL), redesigning it to create an up-to-date, easy to read, easy to implement contract for all of our Group Contract participants.


If you were to approach a legal team to create a contract individually, it would cost thousands of dollars to produce a contract of this quality!


Exclusive Risk Management Strategy

Although insurance is imperative for small business owners to protect them from litigation, putting into place a strategy to minimise risk is a far more considered and professional approach.


TDC insurance expert Graeme Hay specialises in working with businesses to minimise their risk profile by helping to analyse their current work processes and formulating simple steps to reduce the risk of liability.


Our Premium Group Coaching Program members get access to an EXCLUSIVE Risk Management Strategy session with Graeme Hay, worth more than $1,400.


Accounting Consultation

TDC expert on all things book keeping and accounting, Lauren Thiel is The Real Theil, and we think she’s the real deal!

Members of the Premium Group Coaching Program all get a FREE half hour consultation with chartered accountant Lauren Thiel to tackle your book keeping and accounting challenges.

Accountability Group

Set powerful goals.

Work in a supportive team environment to set and manage goals in between sessions.


Be accountable.

The format of our accountability group ensures you have the greatest chance of doing the work between sessions and achieving your goals.

Image by Emma Dau

Book Club


Are you constantly adding business books to your “Must Read” list, only to find you never get around to reading them? Do you feel like you never really maximise the learnings from the book once you’ve actually read it?


In our NEW Book Club, we make that all easy.


What you get:

  • 3 powerful and insightful business books sent to your door

  • Zoom meeting to discuss the book (once every 2 months)

"I am so pleased that I have taken part in The Design Coach Premium Coaching Program.  The fortnightly coaching sessions have been invaluable, I have been able to significantly improve my design process and the way I run my business.  

The contacts and design friends I have made through this group has been invaluable, we have created a strong network of designers who support and encourage each other."


- Nicola, 2020 Premium Group Coaching Program Member

How to Join

  • The Premium Group Coaching Program is available by application only

  • We will curate a group of like-minded and compatible designers

  • The final selection will be based on aptitude, attitude and enthusiasm

  • Members must exhibit the desire to set goals and do the work to achieve them

  • Members must be available to commit to the regular sessions and be able to complete the homework

  • We take a deposit of $100 (refunded if your application is unsuccessful)

  • If you’re successful, we apply the $100 deposit to your first payment

Payment Schedule

  • A deposit payment of $100 is required upon submission of the application

  • Once approved, we require payment for the Premium Group Coaching Program in 2 installments

  • First payment 50% due TBC

  • Second payment 50% due TBC

Save over 60% of total value

Total value for 6 months = $9,815 per person

Discounted package price = $595 per month (over 60% discount) Save $6,065

Total cost = $3,570