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Hello! I’m Merlin David

I am a perfectionist, love my coffee (as do all designers) and I am a little bit of a workaholic. In saying that, I am a mom to two gorgeous boys (6 & 10). My kids keep me focused, ambitious, determined and happy. I have designed their gorgeous nursery twice and enjoyed every minute of it.

Loch - the Studio is driven by my passion of all things design which grew even more after completing my Diploma in Interior Design from Mercer School of Interior Design.


I am a collector of stationary, all things beautiful and adore pretty packaging - don't we all. I love to photograph anything exceptionally creative. My eye for design developed watching my mother decorate our house. All I did growing up was decorate and redecorate the same room.

I am an exceptional baker and my chocolate mud cakes are to die for (At least that’s what they say

Merlin David
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