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Rowan Lodge

Friday 7 September 2018


In this exclusive Masterclass, you will gain insights into the way that Aesop weave themselves quietly into the fabric of the place that they inhabit, rather than impose a discordant presence born of pretence and ego.


Aesop have created a portfolio of unique designs across the globe. This Masterclass is a rare and special opportunity to glimpse into the creative process of the team responsible for these considered and remarkable retail designs.


Together we will investigate the following key strategies that set Aesop apart from their competitors:


  • Responding to the local environment and culture

  • Creating an interior that is sympathetic to the existing architecture of the building

  • Curating a cohesive team of creative and capable professionals

  • Managing the existing constraints of a site, the budget and time frames

  • Producing individual designs whilst maintaining brand identity.

About Rowan

As the Head of Retail Design and Development for Aesop, Rowan carries the responsibility of sourcing new sites and meticulously curating the design teams to cohesively transform each new concept store for this lauded and applauded wellness industry luminary. An interior designer by trade, Rowan has an acute eye for detail, and an innate ability to bring the right people together to simultaneously compliment the brand and drive it into the future.

Time & Location

Friday 7th September 2018

6pm – 8pm

Aesop Head Office



Complimentary eBook

Wine, beer and champagne with a selection of canapes


This Masterclass is suitable for:

Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and Students.




40% of ticket sales go to the African Kids Reading Room in Fitzroy.


This Aesop endorsed charity is a significant foundation that provides financial support in the area to literacy especially in indigenous youth.