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Samantha Eades


Friday 17 August 2018


Investigate hospitality designs of the future.

In this immersive and intimate seminar, we shared insights into designing hospitality venues of the future whilst enjoying a local selection of wine and antipasto in one of Sam’s latest design venues, The Carlton Wine Room. We had the opportunity to delve into the creative mind of one of Australia’s most prolific designers of food and beverage venues.

Together we investigated the following key strategies for successful hospitality design:

  • Creating multi-sensory designs that engage our need for connection

  • Identifying the key aspects of design that contribute to a successful customer experience

  • Understanding the commercial and technical drivers that are redesigning the traditional restaurant model

  • Designing for the digital age

  • Designing for the brand, rather than the client

About Samantha

Samantha is the “IT” girl of restaurant and bar design. A powerhouse in the hospitality industry, her award winning projects span fast-casual to fine-dining and everything in; across from Australia, Asia and the US.


Sam is the woman you’ve had dinner with a dozen times but never met.


A self-confessed disruptive ‘rock turner’ with a global focus, Samantha applies an uncommon ability to explore spatial purpose and apply her technical knowledge of hospitality to before developing the aesthetic.


Sam’s work is recognisable by what is felt not what is seen. Her spaces are functional above all else yet deliver warmth and sensory experiences that provide the depth and ‘soul’ necessary to create atmosphere and facilitate genuine hospitality.


The results are not only innovative and award-winning, they’re balanced and relatable, conveying a sub-conscious sensory experience through layering, lighting and clever styling that respond to the human need for connection.

Time & Location

Friday 17th August 2018

6pm – 8pm

 The Carlton Wine Room

172-174 Faraday St, Carlton


Complimentary eBook

Drinks & Nibbles


This Masterclass is suitable for:

Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and Students.




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