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Win Trust with Clients

Wednesday 19 July 2023
5pm - 7pm
Designers' Collection, Parnell

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Workshop Overview

Have you ever been mid-way through a project and suddenly your clients “go cold” on you? Where previously there was a great working relationship, things become strained and awkward. Chances are that something has happened to cause them to lose trust in you.

Perhaps you find that many of your clients are micro-managing the process, trying to take control and tell you what to do and when to do it. Again, this is a strong indication that the clients don’t trust in you and your process.

Maybe you struggle to get clients over the line on your selections, and they’re constantly seeking different options? This can slow down the project, eat into your profitability and can really suck the life out of you! Once again, you clients’ inability to commit and make decisions is generally driven by a lack of trust and confidence.

How do you avoid these situations, and how do you get things back on track when that trust has been broken?

In this exclusive Workshop at the Designers’ Collection showroom, TDC Founder Andrew Mitchell will provide some strategies for creating and keeping your clients’ trust, right from the start of the project to the very end.

What we'll cover

In this workshop we will cover:

- Setting and managing expectations
- Taking control of the process
- How to get their clients over the line with big purchases 
- How operating with transparency can win trust
- Communicating clearly and regularly to avoid the breakdown of trust


Date &

Wednesday 19 July 2023
5pm - 7pm (doors open 4.30pm)

Designer's Collection
8 George Street, Parnell

Cost : Free


Interior designers, decorators, architects and stylists of all levels of experience.


Wine, sparkling wine, soft drinks.




Copy of the Workshop Notes.


To secure your place in this live workshop, you need to be a member of TDC - it's free!

Limited to one ticket per member.

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