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Business Mastermind



Business Mastermind



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Welcome to the next level of business.

In the ever-evolving world of design and architecture, professionals face the constant challenge of navigating their business through uncertain economic conditions.


The ability to adapt and thrive during tough times becomes paramount, and that's where our Mastermind Program delivers results.








This program will push you like no other and will yield results like no other. Connect with an elite group of industry peers, all with a shared vision of non-negotiable success.

Accelerate your business growth through a solid 6 months of strategy building, coaching and workshops with the best minds in the industry. Extend that growth with our 12-month Accountability Program.

Hone your skills for analysing your business in order to set measurable and achievable goals that will propel your business forward.

Share your wins and challenges with your own TDC Mastermind Community. 

Access expert 1-on-1 coaching with specialists in finance, marketing, business development AND mindset to mastermind a powerful strategy for 2024 and beyond.

Mastermind Program Overview

We proudly present a transformative 12-month program specifically designed to empower designers and architects, equipping them with the tools and strategies to not only survive but thrive during times of economic uncertainty.

The Mastermind Program is tailored to address the unique needs of business owners, recognising the importance of staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market. 


Our program is a comprehensive, results-oriented initiative that aims to guide participants through the process of creating a solid Business Strategy to achieve success in 2024.


Throughout this intensive program, participants will gain invaluable insights from industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and seasoned professionals.


We provide opportunities to engage in collaborative discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and one-on-one coaching sessions. By tapping into this collective wisdom, participants will develop a holistic understanding of the challenges they face and discover innovative approaches to overcome them.

Our Mastermind Program places a strong emphasis on developing a forward-thinking mindset and equipping participants with the skills to adapt their business models to changing economic landscapes.


Through in-depth market analysis, financial planning, and strategic decision-making, participants will gain the confidence to make informed choices and seize opportunities, even in the face of a challenging market.

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We invite designers and architects from all backgrounds and levels of experience to embark on this transformative journey.


By joining the Mastermind Program, you will become part of a dynamic community of like-minded professionals, building a network of support and collaboration that extends far beyond the program's duration.

Plus #1

As part of the Premium Package, members get to launch their own carefully curated 2025 Business Strategy to the Mastermind Group at a luxury 2 Day 5 Star Retreat at a world-renowned resort, with special guest speakers and stunning dining experiences.


Plus #2

Access a 12-month Accountability Program to extend the support from your Mastermind community.

Access 1-on-1 coaching over the full 12 months to keep you on track and help maximise your transformation.

Plus #3

Check back in with the Mastermind Group at the 12-month anniversary of the Program Launch to share wins and celebrate successes.

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Key Program Outcomes

  • Create a powerful business vision that is aligned with the results you want to achieve

  • Access the tools to make your vision a reality

  • Get clear on your current business position with a detailed Business Audit

  • Set powerful goals and a structure to achieve them

  • Access new levels of accountability

  • Step into a powerful vision of you as an industry leader

  • Heighten the visibility of your business and elevate your figurehead marketing

  • Successfully source and secure ideal projects with ideal clients

  • Connect with a powerful and supportive network of like-minded designers

Key Inclusions

  • PREMIUM PACKAGE : 2 Day Intensive Business Conference with Guest Speakers (value = $4,450)

  • 2024 Business Strategy Template (value $2,500)

  • 12-month Accountability Program (value = $6,000)

  • 2 Hour Business Strategy Workshop with Andrew Mitchell (value = $1,100)

  • 2 Hour Mindset Workshop with Louise Walker (value = $1,100)

  • 2 Hour Financial Strategy Workshop with Lauren Thiel (value = $1,100)

  • 2 Hour Marketing Strategy Workshop with Fiona Killackey (value = $1,100)

  • 2 Hour Business Development Workshop with James Lambrou (value = $1,100)

  • 3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Andrew Mitchell (value = $1,050)

  • 1 Hour 1-on-1 Financial Focus Session with Lauren Thiel (value = $450)

  • 1 Hour 1-on-1 Marketing Focus Session with Fiona Killackey (value = $450)

  • 1 Hour 1-on-1 Business Development Focus Session with James Lambrou (value = $450)

  • 12 Months Access to the TDC Complete Package Online Courses (value $1,520)

  • Wrap Up Gala Dinner (value = $250)



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Optional Add-Ons


50% off “Marketing For Your Small Business” Course with Fiona Killackey (retail value $997)


Extended Accommodation Options at Mitchelton Winery ($350 per night)

Total value in excess of $20,000

Your Takeaways

At the 6-month milestone of the Program, you will take away the following valuable documents:

Your 2025 Business Strategy

Your 2025 Financial Strategy

Your 2025 Marketing Strategy

Your 2025 Business Development Strategy


The 2 Day Conference Retreat

- 2 nights’ accommodation at Mitchelton Winery in Nagambie, Victoria (1 hour 20 minutes from Melbourne Airport)

- 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners

- Individual Presentations: Business Strategy for 2025

- Group Review of business strategies for 2025

- 2 x Guest Speaker Workshops


- Return Bus Transfers from Melbourne to Nagambie


(Option to add an extra night at the winery - charges apply)

How it Works

Our TDC Mastermind Group has been created to bring like-minded designers and architects together to support one another in a powerful and safe environment of learning, support, and accountability.

Learn from one other’s existing business structure and operations, and support one another in setting aspirational achievable goals, created with the support of trusted industry experts. Regularly hold one other to account, with monthly check-ins and key milestones to complete the necessary work to achieve your goals.


The program commences with a deep analysis of your current business position, providing the opportunity to highlight strengths and identify weaknesses, therefore allowing the Mastermind Group to contribute to the refinement and improvement of your current methods of operation.


The Mastermind curriculum has been intentionally designed to step members through a logical sequence of learning and planning, in order to develop a powerful Business Strategy for 2024 (and beyond).

An Accountability Program encourages regular reporting and analysis of results for a full 12 months to enable members to access the maximum benefits of the Program’s principles.


NOTE: To enable maximum transparency and facilitate the program outcomes, Mastermind Members will be required to openly share critical business statistics about their current business position. All members will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the group’s privacy and IP. From a position of honesty and transparency, we can create a platform for genuine support and accountability.


Your Mentors

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Andrew Mitchell



Andrew is the founder of The Design Coach, and is currently in his 22nd year as the Director at MR. MITCHELL, a respected interior design firm based in Melbourne.


As a practicing designer, Andrew understands the complexities that others face when running a design practice and brings his years of experience to the table through his various coaching programs, courses and retreats. Having worked in the design industry for over two decades, he has developed strong relationships with some of the most influential industry leaders and collaborators.


Being highly systems focused, Andrew is committed to the mission of empowering small business owners with the knowledge, skills and self-belief to experience a truly rewarding career in design. 


Through the TDC Business Mastermind, Andrew is excited to facilitate the connection of some of the most influential experts in the Australian business sector with his community of members to exponentially accelerate their business success.





Lauren Thiel is founder of boutique accounting firm, The Real Thiel.
A Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent, with a passion for the arts, Lauren is on a mission to educate, empower and motivate creative small business owners.


Lauren has a double degree in Tourism and Event Management, and Commerce, with a major in accounting, and spent her early years in the industry with KPMG Adelaide.

She founded her first Company, a dance school, at just 22, and today continues to contribute to the arts through her role as Treasurer, Board member and Festival Producer of the Cabaret Fringe Festival. Lauren may very well be the only accountant we know who can also do the entire "single ladies" dance routine.

Fiona Killackey_Portrait_Photographer H Walker.jpg

Fiona Killackey



Fiona Killackey is a business coach, author, speaker, writer, podcaster, and founder of My Daily Business Coach. She has been working in the brand, marketing, and content space for two decades, mainly in senior marketing roles for Amazon, Country Road Group, Open University, and Audible.

In addition, Fiona has been a published writer since 2002 for titles including Monocle, Refinery29, Cool Hunting, The Age, Russh, Flux, and SOMA Magazine, amongst others. Since starting her business six years ago, Fiona has worked with a wide range of clients, from large corporates (L'Oreal, Etsy, Audible, Aus Post) through to independent creative brands (The Design Files, Mi Goals, Købn, Mustard, Collective Closets, CULTIVER and many more).

She has helped 1000s of people understand, and learn to love marketing, branding, and systems — all in a way that feels aligned to their values and beliefs.

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With 18+ years working in the faculty of interior design & architecture both as a creative and in business and team management, James would like to think that he is not only very fortunate, but also a little unique in what he brings to the industry.

James is lucky to have worn a variety of hats in his career, revealing an ability to engage and embrace diverse business opportunities and the responsibility that each demanded. He has undertaken roles including Business Development Director, Commercial Director, Associate Principal and Practice Director. These broad experiences have offered James the chance to develop a skill-set that is truly multidisciplinary.


Currently, James leads in the business growth of the Unios brand across Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT, driving new business from the Architecture Interiors and Lighting Designers sector.

Louise Walker_1.jpg

Louise Walker


Having previously worked as the in-house coach for five-star health retreat, The Golden Door (now Elysia Wellness Retreat), Louise also now consults as a developmental coach for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs at: Select Wellness, The Coaching Room, New Beginnings, and Prism Performance.

Prior to pursuing her path as a coach and facilitator, Louise spent many years in the experiential marketing world. Her role was to design and activate events to elicit emotional connections between brands and their target consumers. She’s created events, stunts and road shows for many businesses such as Google, Nintendo, 3 mobile, Abbotts Village Bakery. 

Currently, Louise incorporates The Enneagram (an ancient wisdom personality profiling tool) into her work, and her years of training as a Master NLP Practitioner, Meta Coach, Enneagram coach and Integral Coach, means she holds a transformative and powerful coaching space. The developmental coaching she offers is intentionally disruptive, to bring awareness to and shift habitual patterns and conditioned ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  

Program Outline

Business Mastermind is a 6 month program, with a 12 month Accountability Group.

First session commences 13 September 2024.

All sessions run from 9.30am - 11.30am.

Session #
10 October 2023
Business Strategy
24 October 2023
Group Presentations
7 November 2023
Mindset with Louise Walker
21 November 2023
Money Strategy with Lauren Thiel
5 December 2023
Group Presentations
19 December 2023
Marketing Strategy with Fiona Killackey
16 January 2024
Group Presentations
30 January 2024
BD Strategy with James Lambrou
13 February 2024
Group Presentations
27 February 2024
Mindset & Presentation Strategy
12 March 2014
2 Day Conference Retreat
24-26 March 2024
Planning & Execution of Strategy
9 April 2024
Gala Dinner
12 Month Check-In
October 2024



Amelia Barry
(Amelia Barry Interiors)


The Mastermind program was really amazing to be a part of, we learnt about all the essential tools that are needed to grow and maintain a profitable, enjoyable business.


It was also an opportunity to connect with like-minded business people and share our trials and tribulations and learn from each other. I would recommend the Mastermind program to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.


Alexandra Mason
(Studio AEM)


The Mastermind program helped me consolidate and move forward in my business on a strategic, financial and developmental level. It gave me a solid foundation to establish key objectives with a focus on a positive mindset in order to achieve best outcomes.

Julianne Bull.jpg

Julianne Bull
(The Den Interiors)


I had come into the Mastermind program with pretty well-defined systems and processes and a good sense of what I was wanting for the business. What I needed was the support and knowledge from top coaches and industry professionals. Spending one-on-one time with these experts provided me with valuable insights and guidance to help me achieve my goals for the coming year. The Mastermind program also helped me develop the skills and mindset necessary to execute the plan.



Premium Full Price (includes 2 Day Conference) = $11,440

Premium EARLY BIRD (limited places available until 1st September 2023) = $9,940



Standard Price (excludes 2 Day Conference) = $6,990

- By Application as per 'How to join'

- Refundable Deposit = $500

Do you want your team (2 or more) to join the Mastermind?

Do you have a group (2 or more) of industry colleagues you’d like to join the program?


Talk to us about a Group Discount!

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions before applying:

How to Join

  • The Business Mastermind Program is available by application only

  • We will curate a group of like-minded and compatible designers

  • The final selection will be based on aptitude, attitude and enthusiasm

  • Members must exhibit the desire to set goals and do the work to achieve them

  • Members must be available to commit to the regular sessions and be able to complete the homework

  • We take a deposit of $500 (refunded if your application is unsuccessful)

  • If you’re successful, we apply the $500 deposit to your first payment

Who is this suitable for?

  • Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Decorators, Stylists

  • Business owners who need assistance getting clarity in their business vision

  • Business Owners who are willing to do the work to achieve results

  • Premium Coaching Alumni and Business Bootcamp Graduates

  • TDC Members who want to connect to a powerful, exclusive community

Payment Schedule

Deposit (at time of application) = $500 (applied against the First Instalment)

4 Payments - Dates TBC


Access Payment Plans on Request (conditions apply).

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