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Learn tried and tested systems to better organise your design business. Discover new ways of working to be more professional and maximise profitability.

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About the Course

Do you struggle to manage the flow of work on a project? Are your clients taking the lead and forcing you to be reactive rather than proactive? Do you find that you’re attracting the same sort of micro-managing clients time and time again? Are you terrified of growing your team for fear of being discovered as a fraud?

You are not alone! Most designers struggle to manage projects efficiently due to a lack of effective, consistent systems. In this class we will teach you how to create systems and will transform the way you view your business! Learn how to take charge of a project and set clear expectations. We will provide you with systems that will ensure excellent project outcomes and happy clients.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Be more professional in your approach to design

  • Utilise systems and processes to increase efficiency and profitability

  • Customise systems and processes for your business

  • Effectively set and manage client expectations

  • Maximise your profitability

  • Grow your business through effective delegation

  • Streamline your payment process for better cash flow

  • Utilise sound tools and templates to optimise your systems


Also included:

  • A real-life case study to demonstrate the project process from beginning to end

  • A real-life case study to analyse when things go well, and when things go wrong!


Course Content

Systems for Success is broken down into 15 'modules' over two parts. Complete the course by watching the videos in the modules in the order listed below.

Part 1 - Systems Overview

  1. Introduction

  2. Case Study Overview

  3. The Basics

  4. Sources of Systems

  5. Tools and Templates (includes a Case Study example)

  6. How to Create a Process

  7. Managing the 3 Pillars of a Project

  8. Systems Summary for a Design Business

  9. Software Programs

Part 2 - The Design Process

  1. The Foundation

  2. The TDC 9 Stage/3 Phase Design Process

  3. Managing the Design Process

  4. Phase 1 – Discovery

  5. Phase 2 – Design

  6. Phase 3 - Implementation


  • Downloadable Course Notes

  • Proven Business Tools


  • 3.5 hours, self paced


  • AU$550 for the single course

  • AU$1520 as part of the Complete Package (all courses, 20% off)


How It Works

The content of our courses is delivered to you as a series of easy to follow, professionally produced videos, supported with downloadable course notes, tools and templates.


Each course is specifically designed to guide you through the information needed to set you up to operate a successful design business, step by step. From the basics to advanced case study examples, we’ve got you covered.

At the completion of each course we provide a PDF download of the content, along with any applicable downloadable tools that are referenced during the class.

Access extra support via our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, available for purchase at 50% off the regular price.


What to expect from a
TDC DesignLab Course


Learn at your own pace

Our easy to watch videos are accessible to you 24/7, so you can work your learning into your schedule


Learn from a successful Design Professional

Our course content comes from real world experience spanning a design career of more than 25 years. Founding director Andrew Mitchell is a practicing interior designer, with an extensive portfolio of awarded projects.


Get front row seats

DesignLab courses are presented to you in easy to watch, crystal clear video.

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Your Coach

Andrew Mitchell is a Melbourne-based interior designer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry.


Established in 2000, his business MR. MITCHELL is a well-respected design studio with award-winning projects spanning the residential, hospitality and commercial sectors.

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"Thank you so much for your online courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your insights, coaching and encouragement have inspired me and given me new energy for my business.


A long list of superlatives springs to mind when I think of Andrew, The Design Coach. By far the standout word for me is generous. Andrew, no wonder you have done so well in business and will continue to do so.

Your generosity in sharing your knowledge and empowering other designers is so apparent. It's this generosity that makes you so human - a key attribute for a great Interior Designer as ultimately it's all about people in their spaces."

- Caroline, 2021 Course Participant

“I was very impressed with TDC’s DesignLab online course content. It was a great opportunity to learn more about managing and improving my architectural practice.  
Andrew’s advice and guidance is so relevant, as it's based on his wisdom as a well-established and experienced designer, backed up with real design scenarios, examples and tools. 


I highly recommend the DesignLab obline courses to any designer or architect who is looking to improve how they practice, communicate with clients and deliver their projects. A wonderful and worthwhile experience all round.”

- Michelle Walker, MWA

Who is this suitable for?

  • Members of the TDC community

  • Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Architects, Interior Decorators and Stylists

  • Design professionals who have established business practices and are looking to refine their processes and learn new skills

  • New business owners, students and graduates looking to set up solid systems from the outset

  • Members of the design community ready to commit to a powerful new way of working!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the content with team members?
The purchase price of the course is for one user only.
Can I download the videos?
No, the videos need to be watched via the TDC website.
Do I need internet to watch the videos?
Yes, you will require a strong internet connection to watch the videos. If you are having trouble with the videos running smoothly (if they keep cutting out or buffering) it’s most likely due to poor internet connection. Seek out a more reliable internet connection to ensure better streaming of video content.
Are there subtitles?
Check your own device settings for subtitles. Our TDC courses don’t yet offer the option of subtitles.
Are there any tests or assignments?
There’s no homework, tests or assignments!
When can I get started?
We will send you an invitation to join the course within 24 hours of signing up.
Can I replay the course once I’ve finished?
Yes, you can go back through the content as many times as you need for a period of 6 months after completion.
I have paid for the course, but haven’t received the link to join the course?
If 24 hours have gone by and you haven’t received an email from us, your email junk settings may need tweaking. Add to your safe senders list.
How do I access the course once I’ve paid?
The course is accessible via The Design Coach website in the Members section.Refer to the initial email that you will receive upon signing up.
Can I view the course on my mobile?
Yes, you can view the videos on your mobile or tablet. However, we recommend you use a desktop computer to ensure you can view the details of the Case Studies effectively.
How long is each course?
The courses vary in duration - there is the video watching component, however you can take as long as you like to watch these individual classes within the course. We recommend scheduling time in your calendar, free from distractions, to get the course completed and get the most from your purchase.
What do I do if I have a question about the content?
We offer supplementary coaching sessions at a discounted rate. These can be purchased after you sign up to the courses.
How do I watch the content?
You can use any modern web browser on your Mac or PC - Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.
Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties?
Most problems are fixed with a computer restart or clearing of the browser cache. If problems persist, please contact us at and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
Is there a discount available if I sign up to multiple courses?
Yes you can access a 20% discount when you sign up to all of the courses. If there are multiple team members wanting to access the course content, please contact us at to talk about a group discount.
Is there a time limit to access the course once I’ve completed everything?
You have access to the video content for 6 months once the course is completed. The downloadable course notes will provide a valuable guide ongoingly.

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