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Kitchen Design - Basic & Advanced
  • Kitchen Design - Basic & Advanced

    Designing a kitchen from scratch can be a daunting task. Learn the skills to realise your vision. Access exclusive product knowledge and creative tips to truly bring your kitchen designs to life.

    Our online courses are self paced and conducted online on our website via an easy to use integrated learning platform. Once you sign up, you'll be emailed instructions on how to view the content.


    Learn how to operate an efficient, professional and profitable business.
    Whether you’re starting up a design business, or looking to solidify your current processes, our TDC DesignLab Courses are a sure-fire way to accelerate your professional growth and transform the way you do business.​

    When you sign up to our courses, you’re fast-tracking years of learning. Most designers operate via the old method of trial and error, where poor choices can result in mistakes that can have a damaging effect on profitability and significantly reduce the joy in your work life.​

    Our tried and tested systems and processes will give you an instant hack into a more professional and profitable way of doing business. Our tools and templates will elevate your offering and help you deliver happy clients and successful project outcomes, time after time.​

    It’s a tough job running a business, so we want to make sure you are equipped with all the foundations to help you thrive.

    • About the Course

      A kitchen is the most important design feature of a residential project. It’s also the single largest cost item in a project budget.

      It is imperative that designers have a good understanding of the foundations that ensure a kitchen is functional, serviceable and aesthetically pleasing. When operating at a more advanced level, designers can elevate a mere kitchen into a spectacular piece of design that will provide clients with an investment that lasts a lifetime.

      This 2-part online course will step you through the process of designing a kitchen from concept through to completion. In a series of easy-to-follow modules, we’ll review the best methods of documenting designs to effectively communicate your vision (at both basic and advanced level), ensure accurate quoting and assist in the successful manufacture and installation of the finished kitchen.

      In Part 1: Basic Kitchen Design, we share with you the foundations from which you can create a functional and beautiful design for your clients. Access our Supplier Guide for a range of quality manufacturers providing products at affordable prices.

      In Part 2: Advanced Kitchen Design, we take your designs to the next level through a review of top-level kitchen designs and the process behind those designs. Access our Advanced Level Supplier Guide for manufacturers and suppliers that will elevate your kitchen designs to the next level.

      In this online class you will learn how to:

      • Review the process for designing a kitchen
      • Outline the costs that need to be considered
      • Look at how best to document your design
      • Outline the basic ergonomic and practical considerations to cover
      • Review basic materials and the cost implications of your choices
      • Understand the role of each trade
      • Look at two real life examples
      • Review advanced design detailing
      • Analyse the importance of form and function
      • Look at fittings and fixtures to elevate your designs
      • Explore materiality that can give a premium finish to the project
      • Outline the costs that need to be considered

      Also included:

      • A real-life case study to demonstrate the project process from beginning to end
      • An activity to review the process of spatial planning
    • Course Content

      Kitchen Design is broken down into 18 'modules' across two parts. Complete the course by watching the videos in the modules in the order listed below.

      • Introduction
      • Case Study Overview
      • Managing The 3 Pillars
      • Design Basics – The Foundations
      • Trades And Team
      • Documentation – 2D & 3D
      • Spatial Planning
      • Activity – Create A Floor Plan
      • Case Study – The Process
      • TDC Supplier Guide - Basic


      • Introduction to the Case Study
      • Sources of Inspiration & Trends
      • Form & Function
      • Materials
      • Fittings & Fixtures
      • Cost Considerations
      • Case Study
      • Documentation
      • TDC Supplier Guide – Advanced
    • Inclusions

      • Downloadable Course Notes

      • Proven Business Tools

    • How it Works

      The content of our courses is delivered to you as a series of easy to follow, professionally produced videos, supported with downloadable course notes, tools and templates.

      Each course is specifically designed to guide you through the information needed to set you up to operate a successful design business, step by step. From the basics to advanced case study examples, we’ve got you covered.

      At the completion of each course we provide a PDF download of the content, along with any applicable downloadable tools that are referenced during the class.

      Access extra support via our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, available for purchase at 50% off the regular price.

    • Supplement Your Learning

      Access discounted coaching to supplement your learning.

      Purchase One-on-One Coaching Session/s to further explore the principles covered in your course. 

      If you'd like to take advantage of this offer at any time after you've signed up, send us an email.

      Note: Limit of 1 discounted coaching session per course (4 sessions for The Complete Package)

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