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Premium Group Coaching Program


  • A small curated group of no more than 12 designers

  • 6 months of intensive group coaching

  • By application only. We take a $100 deposit which will be refunded if your application is unsuccessful. If you're successful, we'll apply the $100 deposit to you your first payment​.

  • Get regular support over an extended period of time

  • Work through your personal business challenges

  • Implement beneficial processes into your business

  • Set powerful goals and be held to account by a supportive network

  • Get connected to a like-minded business community

  • Access the knowledge of industry related experts

  • Upgrade your outdated and ineffective contract

  • Deep-dive into business thought processes

  • Learn how to set and manage client expectations clearly and effectively

  • Regain the passion for your craft

Total value = $12,890
Program price = $4,760 (save over 60%)

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Julie Parmax.

Julie Parmax


We find things in life just when we need them the most. This is how I came across Andrew at The Design Coach. I knew my business needed to shift and dust itself off in order to shine and move to the next phase. I committed and Andrew delivered in so many ways. I had completed some previous classes with Andrew and had the privilege to travel to Byron Bay and be a part of the Retreat. Little did I know these new experiences would change my life. So why not add a 6 month coaching program to my skill set? Thank the lord I did, and I have never looked back. If you want to connect with likeminded designers, who have a business mindset and portfolios to boot, then this is the program for you! I was excited and nervous at the same time. However, with Andrew’s knowledge, calm energy and a plethora of information he gives without hesitation, I felt right at ease. The accountability group was the added bonus I needed to keep me on track and focused. The best thing is that I made friends for life, I have a lifeline of contacts who understand me and my business (sometimes more than I do) and I know I can count on Andrew for his help and guidance for life. Andrew’s commitment to our craft, generosity of spirit, kindness and support has been invaluable to me and I continue to engage with Andrew in one on one sessions as required. It is great to know that a trusted, non-judgemental and encouraging man has got your back!

Jenefer Gordon

Jenefer Gordon


The Premium Group Coaching Program has totally re-invigorated my passion for my business. Not only have the fortnightly coaching sessions been so full of valuable information, but the tasks set within these sessions have meant that I have been able to consistently and continually improve the way that I run my business. The advice provided by Andrew’s network of legal, insurance and accounting colleagues was an invaluable addition to the program, and the creation of a new client contract specific to our business requirements has been a game changer. Andrew is an inspirational mentor, and with the support from him and the fellow designers in the program, I have been constantly motivated to achieve my goals.

Danielle Scandrett

Danielle Scandrett


I attended an event at Boyd Blue where Andrew was speaking about his own journey in business including the pitfalls and successes and what had driven him to initiate and develop courses to support and assist our industry. I was taken by Andrew’s frankness, honesty and warmth in his talk and could relate to some of the challenges that he had experienced in the early days of his career. So, after many years in the industry, I decided to partake in both the Business Bootcamp and the Premium Coaching Group. Both courses were extremely informative with an emphasis on engaging in sound processes to bring each and every project to a successful and lucrative end and most importantly to remember that our skill and expertise are something that should never be compromised or given away.

Julianne Bull

Julianne Bull


I knew I needed to join the Premium Coaching program when I first learned about it. I had completed seminars and workshops with TDC but I wanted to commit myself to a longer term program that would set me up to achieve my goals. Critical to this was the accountability group that I was allocated. These fellow designers are all on the same path to grow, improve and succeed and without their regular interaction and friendly interrogation I would have let these goals fall by the wayside. Andrew draws on the experience of experts who worked directly with the group throughout the program, providing invaluable advice on bookkeeping, insurance, legal contracts and SEO. Working with Sharon Givoni to create a client contract was a huge tangible benefit for me. I would have invested more money than I did on the entire Coaching Program to work with a lawyer directly. For the first time, in the 7 years I’ve been in business, I am 100% clear on my vision, purpose and the service that I want to provide to clients. I have the tools, techniques and confidence to be successful and to achieve the personal and professional goals I’ve set for myself. I’m grateful to Andrew for his kind approach and encouragement and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Premium Coaching Program to fellow designers.

Nicola Manning

Nicola Manning


I am so pleased that I have taken part in The Design Coach Premium Coaching Program. The fortnightly coaching sessions have been invaluable, I have been able to significantly improve my design process and the way I run my business. The contacts and design friends I have made through this group has been invaluable, we have created a strong network of designers who support and encourage each other. The regular seminar sessions and book club sessions throughout the program have been engaging and thought provoking. It hasn’t all been about business though, part of Andrew’s immense service to our industry is to encourage us to balance our work life with personal wellness. Andrew is great at distilling information and uses real life examples to illustrate his teaching. Andrew is also great fun and amazingly encouraging.

Rochelle Morris.

Rochelle Morris


I have been a long-time fan and supporter of The Design Coach, so it was only natural that when Andrew released his premium group coaching I jumped at the chance to take on the journey with fellow designers. Having already attended a number of his Masterclasses, Design Lab sessions and Seminar sessions, I was confident that there would be great value in committing to 6 months of group coaching - and I definitely wasn’t left disappointed. Each of our fortnightly sessions were well thought out and planned, full of practical information and examples ready for us to implement into our own businesses. The small group setting also meant we were able to raise questions as we went, and dive deeper into areas we wanted more info on. The flexibility in this approach to coaching was amazing, and connecting with other designers that understand and openly share their own experiences and struggles is such a huge part of why the group coaching works so well. Being able to attend the seminar sessions each month was just the icing on the cake, they were all relevant and I took so much away from each session. I have always found Andrew so calming to speak with, and loved how easily he was able to lean on his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide on the spot feedback and suggestions. He never pushed us to do things his way, instead encouraging us to take on any processes that aligned with our own businesses and adjust as we feel fits. My confidence and understanding of what I want my business to be has grown, and I now have a very structured road map to get me there, thanks to the work we’ve done during the Premium Group Coaching.


Behavioural Outcomes

Are you consistently stressed about meeting deadlines and managing your workload?


Do you spend more time putting out fires than focusing on successful project outcomes?

Have you lost the passion for your craft?

Break free from outdated patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and take your business to the next level.

  • Be more confident

  • Be more organised

  • Be more profitable

  • Be more accountable

New Inclusions

Whats in our coaching course

How We Work

(value $500)

New masterclasses in TDC coaching

Contract Set
(value $2,240)

Interior design coaching classes

Marketing Trello Board Template
(value $500)

Interior design coaching masterclasses

Marketing Content Calendar Template
(value $500)

Design mentorship details

Business Development Template
(value $250)

Watch the video below to learn more about our new Inclusions:

PGCP How We Work Document
Play Video

Inclusions Summary

  • 2 x 1.5 Hour Coaching Sessions per month via Zoom (value = $600 per month) 

  • 2 x 1-on-1 coaching session per designer to be used over the 6 months (value = $900)

  • Access to an exclusive Marketing Workshop run by Fiona Killackey

  • Access to an exclusive set of Legal Contracts (Comprehensive and Abridged) (value $2,240) More Info

  • Access to an exclusive Risk Management Strategy from our insurance partner Graeme Hay (valued at over $450)

  • A Financial Strategy Session with TDC accounting expert Lauren Thiel (value $450)

  • A comprehensive Goal Setting Framework and Program Content (value $2,000)

  • Access to a supportive Accountability Group to help you achieve your goals (value $1,500)

  • How We Work template (value $500)

  • Marketing Trello Board template (value $500)

  • Marketing Content Calendar template (value $500)

  • Business Development template (value $250)

  • Email support over the 6 months (conditions apply)

  • Networking with like-minded design professionals

Total value = $12,890
Program price = $4,760 (save over 60%)

Video Conference
Young Designer

Who is this suitable for?

  • Members of the TDC community

  • Design professionals who have established business practices and are looking to refine their processes and learn new skills

  • ​Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Architects, Interior Decorators and Stylists

  • Team players who enjoy working with others to achieve outstanding outcomes

  • Members who are willing to dedicate time to complete the work required 

  • Designers who are looking to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals

    Who is this not suitable for?

  • Designers and decorators looking to set up systems from scratch (try our Business Bootcamp!)

  • Designers and decorators who are not clear on their fee structure (try our Business Bootcamp!)

  • Non-team players

Group Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are live via Zoom.


You set the agenda. Sessions will be tailored to the common pressure points for the group and will include powerful teachings combined with problem solving specific to your individual scenarios.


Your individual problems will be addressed. Unlike standard classes, a group coaching session addresses your individual problems and challenges. Solutions will be supported with tried and tested tools and templates.


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

You can schedule your 2 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions any time throughout the 6 month program. Sessions are via phone or zoom, are 1 hour in duration and include a session summary.


These sessions are an opportunity to drill down into the specific issues you face in your business, and a chance to review individual challenges that arise during the program.

Image by Headway

Your Coaches

Premium Coaching with andrew

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew is the director of MR. MITCHELL, a successful interior design practice based in Melbourne and Byron Bay. He has previously taught at Mercer School of Interior Design and was contracted to set up systems and processes for a national interior design company with more than 90 designers.


Over the years of his business, Andrew has experienced many highs and lows and made many mistakes.  As a sole operator, there were often times of feeling isolated, so much so that he was driven to the edge of quitting. However, it is those very mistakes that are now the foundation of the successful systems and processes that have guided his business to considerable success.


James Lambrou

With 18+ years working in the faculty of interior design & architecture both as a creative and in business and team management, James would like to think that he is not only very fortunate, but also a little unique in what he brings to the industry.

James is lucky to have worn a variety of hats in his career, revealing an ability to engage and embrace diverse business opportunities and the responsibility that each demanded.

Fiona Killackey_Portrait_Photographer H Walker

Marketing Workshop with Fiona Killackey

In this interactive Workshop, Fiona Killackey (award-winning author, podcaster and founder of My Daily Business Coach) will walk you through key items to be aware of (and excited by!) when marketing your business.


With more than 20 years’ experience working in brand and marketing (from senior roles at multinationals like MimCo and Amazon right through to coaching creative people with the start of a business idea) Fiona is passionate about teaching people how to market in a way that feels authentic, human and is aligned to their own values and beliefs.


Marketing is all about cultivating connections and cutting-through the noise, and in this seminar, Fiona will show you how to do both in a way that feels right for you.


Exclusive Risk Management Strategy

Our PGCP.5 members get access to our Online Workshop on Insurance Basics with Graeme Hay.


BONUS: Our Premium Group Coaching Program members get access to an EXCLUSIVE Risk Management Strategy session with Graeme Hay, worth more than $450.


Although insurance is imperative for small business owners to protect them from litigation, putting into place a strategy to minimise risk is a far more considered and professional approach.


TDC insurance expert Graeme Hay specialises in working with businesses to minimise their risk profile by helping to analyse their current work processes and formulating simple steps to reduce the risk of liability.

Lauren Kre8tive Freedom Photography

Budgeting for Designers

Knowing how to understand the figures is a critical element of running a business.


Even though creating and managing a business budget can help transform the way we operate, most designers and architects have never been taught the basics of this important skill.


In this exclusive Workshop, Lauren Thiel (chartered accountant and fellow creative) will walk us through the principles behind budgeting and share with us an example of a business budget from our director, Andrew Mitchell.

Accountability Group

Set powerful goals.

Work in a supportive team environment to set and manage goals in between sessions.


Be accountable.

The format of our accountability group ensures you have the greatest chance of doing the work between sessions and achieving your goals.


"The accountability group was the added bonus I needed to keep me on track and focused. The best thing is that I made friends for life, I have a lifeline of contacts who understand me and my business (sometimes more than I do) and I know I can count on Andrew for his help and guidance for life."

- Julie Parmax

Image by Emma Dau

How to Join

  • The Premium Group Coaching Program is available by application only

  • We will curate a group of like-minded and compatible designers

  • The final selection will be based on aptitude, attitude and enthusiasm

  • Members must exhibit the desire to set goals and do the work to achieve them

  • Members must be available to commit to the regular sessions and be able to complete the homework

  • We take a deposit of $100 (refunded if your application is unsuccessful)

  • If you’re successful, we apply the $100 deposit to your first payment

Click the link below to join the waitlist. You'll be the first to know program dates and be the first to receive an invitation to apply.

Payment Schedule

  • A deposit payment of $100 is required upon submission of the application

  • Once approved, we require payment for the Premium Group Coaching Program in 3 easy installments

  • Flexible payment plans are available upon request

  • First payment due TBC

  • Second payment due TBC

  • Third payment due TBC

Image representing payment plans


If you'd like to find out more information, or have any questions about the program, book in a complementary Discovery Call with Andrew Mitchell.


Total value = $12,890
Program price = $4,760 (save over 60%)

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