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General Enquiries

Are you new to The Design Coach (TDC)? If you need help finding your way around our website, or are interested in where to start, we're here to help!



- Where should I start?

- What events do you have coming up?

- How do the Online Courses work?

- What happens at the Retreat?

- How does the Social Club work?

Coaching Enquiries

We offer a range of coaching services at TDC. If you're ready to get into action, we're here to help choose the best type of coaching for your specific needs. 



-  What type of coaching is right for me?

- How does 1-on-1 Coaching work?

- How does Group Coaching work?

- How does Business Bootcamp work?

- What's the Mastermind Program?

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Your Coach

Andrew Mitchell is a Melbourne-based interior designer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry.


Established in 2000, his business MR. MITCHELL is a well-respected design studio with award-winning projects spanning the residential, hospitality and commercial sectors.

“At The Design Coach we understand that the world of design can be quite overwhelming, especially in the early stages of establishing a business, and for that reason we really encourage our new members to reach out.


We are here to direct new members into the right courses, classes or coaching programs that

will suit their unique needs.”

- Andrew Mitchell

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