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Free TDC Member Group Coaching.

As a special feature for our members, we welcome you to free group coaching via Zoom. This is an opportunity to have your specific questions answered by one of our coaching team*.

In the sessions, you will be encouraged to participate with video on and mind open.

"AI for Designers"
Thursday 28 March 2024
4.30 - 6pm AEDT

March - AI for

In this exclusive Free Member Group Coaching session, RMIT lecturer, interior designer Hoda Afra (Hoda Afra Design) will host a presentation to teach our members about the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, as it relates to the world of interior design and architecture.


As an early adopter of AI, Hoda has been exploring the applications of this new tool, excited by the possibilities that lay ahead. She has successfully harnessed the power of the various software programs available to further advance her own interior design work and is now teaching students at RMIT how to do the same.


In this session, Hoda will cover the following:


  • Software programs available and their pros and cons.

  • Where to start: mood boards, concept drawings, etc.

  • How to fully harness the capabilities of AI to advance your design concepts

  • The current limitations of AI

  • Ethical and legal considerations

  • What the future holds as AI continues to advance

  • Q&A


Tickets are strictly limited to this thought provoking educational coaching session.

HAD, Interior 2.png

Hoda Afra

Commencing her interior design journey, Hoda Afra earned honors like the GOTYA and Colorways Color awards in 2013. She has been underscoring her enthusiasm for exploring new technologies, with a particular focus on integrating AI tools into design stages.

Shaped by experiences with Danielle Scandrett and the FWPA project, she founded Hoda Afra Design in 2014. This venture reflects her commitment to rethinking design and architecture, prioritizing the well-being of individuals in spaces that inspire peace and comfort. She strives to unleash creativity and innovation while ensuring a positive impact on both inhabitants and the planet. Leveraging modern technology and cross- industry knowledge, she harmonizes design excellence with sustainability.

Her dedication to exploring the role of AI in architecture and design earned her a scholarship to London in 2024 from RMIT.

Limited places available!

Sessions are open to all TDC Members so we encourage you to share this email with your team and industry friends.  If they're not a member, they can click below to register - it's FREE.


* Conditions apply for the Group Coaching

- We will endeavour to answer all questions during the course of the session, but first priority will be give to those who submit their questions via the Questionnaire prior.

- Questions are limited to those that can be answered in short form, rather than those that would require a lengthy response. Such matters can be dealt with via our 1-on1 coaching sessions.

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