Capturing moments that tell stories - Interview with interiors photographer, Nicole England

Updated: Jan 19

Seminar Sessions are now being held online.

When it comes to photographing architecture and interiors, Nicole England is Australian royalty. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Wallpaper, Vogue Living and other leading industry magazines. And her book, ‘Resident Dog’ has flown off the shelves with a sequel on the way.

Looking at her long list of accolades, you’d never guess that after graduating from the esteemed Elam School of Fine Arts, Nicole put down her camera for nine years. A detour into sales and marketing meant Nicole could return to photography with the ideal combination of business nous, industry contacts and creative talent. Over the last 10 years, Nicole has discovered that architectural photography is not just a job, it’s intrinsically linked to who she is.

“My work is not a job. It’s what I love and it’s part of me.” – Nicole England shares her love of architectural and interior photography. And dogs.

At our live online seminar session on Thursday 28th May, Nicole will share the fundamentals of working with a professional photographer to get the best results. She will also share her experience of collaborating with top international architects and interior designers on “Resident Dog II: Incredible Dogs and The International Houses They Live In”.

With the seminar only a week away, we spoke to Nicole about her diverse yet illustrious career and everything she has learned along the way.

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The Residence of Chariie, SJB Melbourne. The Resident Dog. Photography: Nicole England

TDC: You come from a family that loves design – your brother is an architect and your mother has a flair for architecture and interiors. How did your family influence your career path?