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Introducing the TDC Scholarship Program

Updated: Apr 6

"The fundamental drive behind everything we do at TDC is empowering designers to thrive in business."

This month we are proud to introduce the 2022 TDC Scholarship Program.

TDC Founder, Andrew Mitchell has been dreaming of offering a scholarship program since starting The Design Coach in 2018.

"The fundamental drive behind everything we do at TDC is empowering designers to thrive in business. I believe that can be achieved through sharing knowledge, experience and genuine connection. This scholarship is all about this mission," says Andrew.

The TDC 2022 Scholarship Program aims to facilitate the personal and professional development of a member of the design community who shows the right aptitude, attitude and commitment. Someone who’s ready to commit to 12 months of life-changing growth and learning.

With access to 12 months of our classes, courses and coaching we will provide the 2022 TDC Scholar with all the tools, techniques, systems, and processes to completely equip them for future success. Success that will extend beyond work into all areas of their life.

Who's eligible for the scholarship?

The TDC Scholarship Program is open to designers from all sectors, all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. You might still be at university, or you may have been working in your business for more than 20 years.

We want to know how this opportunity would change your life, and why we should choose you.

To be eligible, you need to be a member of the TDC community (it’s free) and need to have a registered design business. Applications are open to interior designers, interior decorators, architects, interior architects, stylists and entrepreneurs.

The program is inclusive of all levels of education. Andrew states "we’re not snobs, you don’t need a fancy degree or qualification to be amazing at what you do." The program is open to all design professionals, qualified or not.

Andrew encourages everyone to consider entering the scholarship - new designers, more experienced designers, architects and decorators. If you know of someone who would benefit from this amazing opportunity, forward them a link to the website.

What does the scholarship include?

We want to provide the 2022 TDC Scholar with full access to our life-changing classes, courses, coaching AND registration, flights and accommodation for the Byron Retreat in 2023.

The scholarship program includes more than $17,400 value.

A special thank you to our Sponsors

The realisation of Andrew's dream to offer a scholarship program has been made possible through the support of our Sponsors, Est Lighting and Zuster Furniture.

"At Est Lighting we're a melting pot of individuals. Each of us brings to the business of light a multitude of skill sets, drawn upon experiences, knowledge and education. Through our working life, we've had opportunities to learn and be guided by our mentors, colleagues and clients.

We completely resonate with the Scholarship program and are proud to be official sponsors and supports for this unique opportunity. We are excited to congratulate the winner of this Scholarship, witnessing their journey and growth and playing a part in this program."

James Lambrou of Est Lighting

Applications are open until 15th December. For more information about the TDC Scholarship Program, click HERE.

To be the first to find out about our upcoming classes, retreats and events, sign up as a free member HERE.

Key Dates

Closing Date: 15 December 2021

Winner Announced 15 February 2022

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