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TDC Masterclass

Dylan Farrell

Fight for Fantasy

Saturday 1st May 2021 - Sydney

Byron Bay 2020

Class Overview

Fight for Fantasy

During a full day Masterclass, Dylan will open his own studio with a view toward exposing the methods, techniques, relationships, and requirements that give his clients and patrons the confidence to take the leaps of faith required to realise dynamic designs.  


As a special, once only opportunity, we will be invited into the home of one of Dylan’s clients, so that we can examine and appreciate his work, up close and in person.

The overview of the day will be holistic — concept development, budgeting, custom fabrication, and sourcing and accessorising from abroad — with a view toward creating stand-alone results.  

“The processes are not separable... there is no point drawing up a masterpiece or sourcing a vintage one-off gem from Holland if the client’s confidence or appetite to procure it is not there,” say Dylan.


“This requires a confident overview from the start and continuing clarity throughout the process as the creative juices flow.” Dylan nods, “It is only then when a client will release and open up to the vast creative possibilities. So, it is a fight to create a path to the fantasy.”

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Class Principles

In this full day session, we will explore the following principles:

  1. The importance of trust -- socially, technically, and financially -- in a relationship with a client.

  2. Clearly understanding the client's preferences, free of filters and influences, as a touchstone for creative development.

  3. Quarantining a tangible departure concept, so all fears and excitement can be tempered by a touchstone.  

  4. Weighing real world budgets, timelines, and other limitations against ambitions, before the design is ever presented to a client.

  5. Ignoring trends.

  6. The importance of technical organisation as part of both the creative and logistical practices.  It takes a village....

  7. Pre-planning for space/opportunity for fluid creativity inside of a fixed brief, budget, and process.

  8.  Assuring there is stamina for both the client and designer to actually finish the project down to the final details.

  9. Maintaining a sense of excitement and intrigue throughout the process for both the clients and the artisans/fabricators.

About Dylan

Dylan Farrell Design was founded in 2016 by Dylan Farrell and his wife and business partner Nicolette. The couple met whilst working and studying at the world-renown Pratt Institute and worked both independently and collaboratively on many iconic and well-published projects in New York and globally before relocating to Sydney, Australia in 2009.

Dylan is an award-winning designer who is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of the applied arts and interior design. Before launching his namesake firm, he served as the Creative Director for Thomas Hamel & Associates in Sydney and prior to that, he was a consultant to a who’s who of art and design, working alongside several American design icons such as Richard Mishaan, Dakota Jackson and Donghia.


Whilst his professional history is grounded by a perceptible polish and discipline, it is his personal artistic interests that define the firm’s direction. With a biography steeped in many years of music performance in Brooklyn, antique restoration in SoHo, prosthetic make-up and set design, along with street and conceptual art endeavours in both New York and Berlin, it is these experiences that pepper the practice’s direction with curiosity, panache and cause.


Time & Location

Saturday 1st May 2021


9am – 4pm

Dylan Farrell Studio, Paddington

Includes an excursion
Lunch at Piermarq Art Gallery

Please note that due to COVID-19, event details may change.


Complimentary E-Book Summary


Tea/Coffee, 3 Course Lunch, Wine/Soft Drinks

(Please advise us of any dietary requirements)


This Masterclass is suitable for:

Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and Students.


$750 per person.

30% of all profits will be donated to Dylan's chosen cause, the MCA.


The MCA celebrates the work of living artists, bringing exceptional exhibitions of international and Australian art to as many people as possible – welcoming over a million visitors each year – in the belief that art is for everyone.


Please click on the link below to book your ticket.

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