Fees and Margins

Updated: Jan 19

Do you stumble through your work day, unsure if you are charging enough, unaware of how your actual hours compare to your estimated?

Are you constantly looking over your shoulder wondering if your clients will discover the margins you are putting on your product?

Do you stay up late at night working on endless revisions that you haven’t even factored into your fee proposal (working for your clients for FREE!)?

With no clear industry standards, knowing how much to charge clients is a constant source of confusion and stress for designers. More often than not we are undercharging for our time due to a variety of reasons that stem from a lack of confidence and/or knowledge. Designers work in the service industry, which means that time is our commodity. Understanding the value of that commodity is imperative to the success of our business.

Talking money with clients doesn’t need to be awkward or uncomfortable and should begin at the very first meeting. When we are confident in the value we are adding to a clients’ project and are secure in the knowledge that our fees and margins are in place for good reason, it becomes easy to have conversations that are clear, transparent and empowering for both parties.