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2022 Scholarship Winner

Updated: Apr 6

Introducing 2022 TDC Scholarship Sponsor, Zuster.

Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel, Zuster. Image provided.

We’re thrilled to announce Melbourne bespoke furniture and homewares company Zuster as one of our sponsors for the 2022 The Design Coach Scholarship Program. Our director Andrew Mitchell has been working with the team at Zuster since he established his business in Chapel Street, Windsor, in 2000. A strong bond has been forged over many years of successful projects and happy clients.

Zuster (Dutch for sister) embraces five generations of Dutch family heritage, beginning when Hermanus Sibbel created a business building houses and hand-crafting joinery and furniture in Amsterdam, 1885. His sons Meijer (Tinus) & Herman later joined him, and a family tradition began. Read more about the fascinating heritage of the family here.

Sibbel Family in Amsterdam, circa 1930

Today, sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel draw on this hand-crafting heritage to forge a signature approach to design that’s distinctive in its beauty and refinement, made in Melbourne. In 2001, they took over from their grandfather, father, and aunt at Sibbel Builders, eventually renaming the business Zuster to reflect their unique creative bond and shared passion for fashion, art, and furniture.

“After over 25 years in business, we are so proud to sponsor ‘The Design Coach Scholarship Program’. We’ve worked with Andrew for most of our working life and know the support and guidance he will offer the lucky scholarship recipient will be invaluable and life-changing,” explains Fleur.

“We’re also passionate about supporting designers through their personal growth and giving back to the design community who’ve supported us as designers and local manufacturers for so many years,” she adds.

Cloud range by Zuster. Image provided.

Zuster now symbolises a legacy of exceptional Australian design and craftsmanship combined with bespoke detailing, intuitive function, and heirloom appeal. Its furniture and homewares collection features exquisite detailing and refined finishing, with each piece making a statement that enriches and elevates homes across the country.

Shaped by Wilhelmina’s creative vision and Fleur’s business prowess, the Zuster team helps customers select their perfect piece and customise its design to their needs. It’s then passed to Zuster’s highly skilled craftspeople who form each piece by hand, from start to finish, using only the highest quality materials and finishes. Grain is matched down to the millimetre and timber cut to flow seamlessly. Each piece emerges perfectly balanced and flawlessly aligned, with the customer’s choice of size, finish, base, handles, and drawers or doors.

Cloud Scalloped Extended Bed by Zuster. Image provided.

“We’re feeling excited about 2022 and believe it’s all about putting yourself out there and seeing what amazing, creative and rewarding feats you can accomplish!” Fleur says. “The scholarship is open to both emerging and established designers, so if you’re considering taking your brand and business to the next level, this is an amazing opportunity.”

With access to 12 months of our classes, courses, and coaching, the 2022 TDC Scholar will have access to all the tools, techniques, systems, and processes to thoroughly equip them for future success in work and beyond.

The Scholarship Program culminates in an all-expenses-paid, much-prized place at our 2023 Byron Retreat to further extend their learning and forge lifelong relationships with like-minded designers.

The program is open to all design professionals, qualified or otherwise. To be eligible, you need to be a member of the TDC community (it’s free) and have a registered design business.

Entries close on the 15th December, 2021.

Learn more about the Scholarship here.

Find out more about The Design Coach: who we are and what we stand for.

Stay well, and believe in you!

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