Interview with Hana Hakim of The Stella Collective

Updated: Jan 19

Hana Hakim, Director of The Stella Collective has earned a reputation for creating elegant spaces with a rebellious edge. Born in London with a Syrian background, Hana’s heritage influences the powerful narratives embedded in her work while strengthening her belief that beautiful spaces should be accessible to everyone.

At our Masterclass on Saturday 14th March, Hana will share an honest recap of her career trajectory including the highs, the lows and the lessons learned along the way. She will also reflect on the stories and inspirations that have formed her design ethos and added meaning to her spectacular interiors.

In the lead-up to this intimate and in-depth masterclass, Hana spoke to The Design Coach about her award-winning design studio, her pursuit of white tigers, and the narratives that define her work.

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Hana Hakim, The Stella Collective. Photo supplied by The Stella Collective.

TDC: You have an innate ability to infuse spaces with light, elegance and serenity. At the same time, you grew up drawing heavy metal album covers and you love listening to heavy metal music. Can you tell us about the seeming juxtaposition between Hana, the creator of elegant spaces and Hana, the headbanger?

HH: Music and interior spaces both have the power to push your buttons as a human being. I want my work to create that powerful feeling and narrative that music evokes so I can touch someone’s core and make them feel amazing. That part of me that loves heavy metal music is quite personal and I think it gives The Stella Collective an edge in the way we push our commercial interiors.

While the client’s narrative is always at the centre of our work, that rebellious element is a strong add on. It’s what I call the ‘white tiger’ in the room because it’s majestic and courageous. We might design everything