Welcoming 2021- Embracing lessons from this year and looking forward to the next

Updated: Jan 19

The year 2020 will be ingrained in our memories forever. Mention it, and people the world over may roll their eyes at the year that was. The stresses and challenges that it presented had many of us pulling out our hair, not to mention a bottle of wine.

Upon reflection though, it hasn’t all been bad.

Taking a step back and slowing down has forced us to stop, reset and reassess our lives and businesses. It’s provided the perfect opportunity to focus on the things for which we’re grateful, and the lessons we want to take into 2021.

There’s nothing like an unprecedented pandemic to test us, right? In the face of adversity, we’ve seen individuals and businesses thrive.

Our ability to adapt our businesses has meant we’ve been able to make the most of the situation and take advantage of opportunities we hadn’t previously considered.

In preparation for the holiday season, we took time to review the year and identified some of the positive things to come from a challenging 2020.