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Commences 25th March


Online Learning

Business Bootcamp March 2022

Transformational learning for your interior design business. Be more organised. Feel more confident. Earn more money.

Business Bootcamp March 2022
Business Bootcamp March 2022

Time & Location

Commences 25th March

Online Learning

About The Event


Be more organised. Feel more confident. Earn more money.

- Tools and templates that will shape your future success

- Inspirational examples that will show you how to apply these lessons to real life scenarios

- Coaching to answer your pressing questions

Whether you’re starting up a design business, or looking to solidify your current processes, our Business Bootcamp is a sure-fire way to accelerate your professional growth and transform the way you do business.

When you sign up to our Bootcamp, you’re fast tracking years of learning. Most designers operate via the old method of trial and error where poor choices result in mistakes that can have a lasting and damaging effect on profitability and reduce the joy in your work life.

Our tried and tested systems and processes will give you an instant hack into a more professional and profitable way of doing business. Our tools and templates will elevate your offering and help you deliver happy clients and successful project outcomes, time after time.

It’s a tough job running a business, so we want to make sure you are equipped with all the foundations to help you thrive.

Schedule & Pricing:

WEEK 1: The Initial Consultation (Group Coaching Friday 25th March 4.30pm – 6pm)

WEEK 2: Systems for Success (Group Coaching Friday 1st April 4.30pm – 6pm)

WEEK 3: Fees and Margins (Group Coaching Friday 8th April 4.30pm – 6pm)

WEEK 4: Managing Project Finances (Group Coaching Thursday 14th April 4.30pm – 6pm)

Total Value = $3,100 Bootcamp Special = $2,480 (Save 20%)


The first meeting with a client is incredibly important, for many reasons. Not only is it an opportunity to get to know them and discuss their project, it’s your chance to let them know you mean business. The only way to do this (and stand out from the pack) is to explain to them, and sell them, on your process.

This meeting is your chance to nail the scope. A Scope of Work is the foundation of everything we do as designers, from the first meeting with the client through to completion of the project. It’s a valuable tool for all parties involved, including the client, your design team and the trades involved.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to “qualify” new leads to make sure they are the right client for you
  • How to sell the Initial Consultation to your clients
  • What you need to do to be properly prepared for that meeting
  • What you need to cover off in that meeting
  • How to create a Rock-Solid Scope of Work
  • Tips to convert more Initial Consultations into full scope projects

Online Class Format: Learn At Your Own Pace ​

Individual Class Cost = $550

SAVE 20% with Business Bootcamp


Do you struggle to manage the flow of work on a project? Are your clients taking the lead and forcing you to be reactive rather than proactive? Do you find that you’re attracting the same sort of micro-managing clients time and time again? Are you terrified of growing your team for fear of being discovered as a fraud?

You are not alone! Most designers struggle to manage projects efficiently due to a lack of effective, consistent systems. In this class we will teach you how to create systems and will transform the way you view your business! Learn how to take charge of a project and set clear expectations. We will provide you with systems that will ensure excellent project outcomes and happy clients.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Be more professional in your approach to design
  • Utilise systems and processes to increase efficiency and profitability
  • Customise systems and processes for your business
  • Effectively set and manage client expectations
  • Maximise your profitability
  • Grow your business through effective delegation
  • Streamline your payment process for better cash flow
  • Utilise sound tools and templates to optimise your systems

Also included:

  • Activities to strengthen your understanding of these principles
  • A real-life case study to demonstrate the project process from beginning to end
  • A real-life case study to analyse when things go well, and when things go wrong!

Online Class Format: Learn At Your Own Pace ​

Individual Class Cost = $550

SAVE 20% with Business Bootcamp


Are you an established designer, tired of working hard to barely cover your costs? Did the “joy” of working as a designer die a long time ago?

Or are you new to the industry and have no idea what to charge?

Do you feel nervous even thinking about the idea of adding a margin to the products that you recommend to your clients?

In this class we will equip you with the skills, knowledge and templates to start to charge what you deserve to be earning, and set you up to run a successful and profitable business that brings you great joy!

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Understand methods of charging for design services
  • Access proven methods for adding margin to products
  • Choose the best methods of charging to suit your business
  • Create a comprehensive fee estimate (including a proven and effective template)
  • Communicate your fees and margins clearly
  • Track your hours to be more accountable
  • Set up processes for efficient billing
  • Increase your profitability
  • Truly believe in your worth

Also included:

  • Activities to strengthen your understanding of these principles
  • A real-life case study to show how to go from a scope of work to an accurate fee estimate
  • A real-life case study to analyse one of the methods of applying a margin to products

Online Class Format: Learn At Your Own Pace ​

Individual Class Cost = $550

SAVE 20% with Business Bootcamp


Are you terrified of discussing money with a client?

Do you struggle to get your clients to nominate a budget?

Do you avoid talking about the project costs due to a fear of losing the job?

Have you ever lost the trust of a client because of a blow-outs in costs?

Most designers struggle to feel confident talking about anything other than the design outcomes, but experience has taught us that all clients care about how much the project will cost (even if they don’t tell you!).

We have the opportunity to win the trust of our clients from the outset by reassuring them that we are just as interested in managing the project finances as we are about the design.

Join this session to learn how to confidently and professionally estimate project costs, communicate these costs effectively to the clients and update them as variations occur.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Talk about money with confidence
  • Establish what the client feels comfortable spending, from the outset
  • Create a detailed preliminary budget outlining the likely costs associated with the project
  • Update this budget to manage the clients expectations
  • Utilise the budget to make specification more efficient
  • Keep abreast of variations to costs throughout the project
  • Win the trust and loyalty of your clients

Online Class Format: Learn At Your Own Pace ​

Individual Class Cost = $550

SAVE 20% with Business Bootcamp


Each week culminates in a 1.5 hour group coaching session with our Founder Andrew Mitchell.

Here we will answer your questions about how the new learnings might apply to you and your work situation. This is your chance to bring us real life scenarios that you may be struggling with and get on-the-spot coaching.

No question is too small (or big) in these sessions that are ALL ABOUT YOU.


- Complimentary E-Book Summary

- Proven tools and templates

- Follow up email support

This DesignLab Bootcamp is suitable for: 

  • Members of the TDC community
  • Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Architects, Interior Decorators and Stylists
  • Design professionals who have established business practices and are looking to refine their processes and learn new skills
  • New business owners, students and graduates looking to set up solid systems from the outset
  • Members of the design community ready to commit to a powerful new way of working!

Purchase includes access rights for 1 person only, please contact to request a quote for team access.


  • Early Bird Special

    Save 10% off the full retail cost of $2,480

    Tax: GST included
    Sold Out
  • Full Price

    Full retail cost of $2,480

    Tax: GST included



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