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Leading with Empathy &Intuition



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Discover the leader within

At our Queenstown Retreat in October 2023, guest speaker Samantha Eades will share her approach to powerful leadership, leaning into the skills of empathy and intuition to create a business that is both professionally successful and personally rewarding.


With co-director Hayley Mitchell, Samantha has helped build a team of over 25 designers, with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Dubai, managing an array of high-end projects specialising in hospitality and hotel design sectors around the globe.

About Mitchell
& Eades

Boasting an impressive portfolio of clients including Lucas Restaurants (Chin Chin, Grill Americano and Hawker Hall), Six Senses Hotels and The Marriott Group, Mitchell Eades have carved out a name for themselves as leaders in Australian and International design.

Recent critical acclaim for restaurants Grill Americano (Melbourne) and Hinchcliff House (Sydney) has further propelled the Mitchell & Eades team into the stratosphere of Australia’s design elite.


A business of such scale relies heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of a talented and reliable team. Building and managing such a team takes solid systems, hard work and commitment, supported by high levels of empathy and genuine care for the members of the organisation. It also requires trusting intuition when making big decisions that will immeasurably affect the future of the business.

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In these exclusive workshops, Samantha will be exploring the following principles to help our Retreat members DISCOVER the leadership skills necessary to build an incredible team:

- Choosing leadership over authority

- Being the leader of your own destiny

- Learning to let go and delegate

- The importance of empathy

- Creating the structure to promote healthy growth

- Knowing when to trust your instincts

- Creating a healthy business partnership

- When things go wrong

- Building a positive team culture

About Samantha

Samantha Eades consults, connects, and co-creates across the world. She has over 20 years of experience in the design industry, and an instinctive entrepreneurial nature.  Samantha has a natural flair for business and creates financial value and the ability to sustain and scale not only in her own business, but on every project.


Delivering a human-centric philosophy, Samantha has a very deep level of empathy and strong instincts when it comes to creating designs that reach a sub conscious level of pride and satisfaction. Samantha’s projects are marked by their ability to create independent and ownable, sensory, sustainable design solutions, especially in hotel and innovative hospitality projects.


Working across the globe, she brings a wealth of knowledge to each project, coupled with a respect for history, culture and attention to contemporary trends and technology.


After meeting Hayley Mitchell in 2017, they formed Mitchell & Eades and now operate across three locations: Melbourne, Brisbane, and Dubai.


As a team they collaborate with their clients to develop elegant, carefully crafted environments that marry the contemporary with the timeless and the spontaneous with the refined.  Perhaps this is best demonstrated through the award-winning fine dining restaurant Grill Americano in Melbourne Victoria, recently completed by Mitchell & Eades with Samantha leading the design.

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