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TDC Seminar Sessions

Legal Matters:
IP for Designers

Thursday 10th June 2021

4pm - 6pm
Live & Online


Session Overview

Interior designers are artists on many levels. We put together a distinctive expression of our vision tailored to a specific space. Our industry expert Sharon Givoni has worked with many interior designers over the years, and fully understands the challenges we face with regard to protecting our Intellectual Property.

We often think that all our work should be protected as intellectual property – after all, we came up with all the ideas! Unfortunately, in real life, this doesn’t always happen. The challenges we face as interior designers face are also intensified through social media, the use of the internet and replica design markets.


So, how do we protect our interior design work and proposals while still being able to present this work to our clients and receive proper credit?

In this session...

In a discussion lead by our director Andrew Mitchell, Sharon will delve into the details of IP with respect to the interior design industry, including:

  • What do the terms “IP”, “Copyright”, “Trademark” and “Patent” mean?

  • What elements of our designs are considered our Intellectual Property? Are there grey areas?

  • Why should we protect this?

  • How should we go about protecting our IP?

  • Who owns the IP on the photography of our designs?

  • How do we know if someone has stolen our IP?

  • What can we avoid infringing on other people’s IP?


We encourage our members to join in this important discussion by submitting their questions prior to the session. A brief questionnaire will be sent to each class member prior to the event to get and understanding of the main areas for consideration.


Date &

Thursday 10th June 2021



Hosted online via Zoom


Complimentary eBook summary


This seminar session is suitable for:

All levels of designers and decorators.


$60 per ticket


To secure your place in this Seminar Session, you need to be a member of TDC - it's free!

About Sharon Givoni

As a specialist in IP Law with an understanding of creative industries, Sharon Givoni is well versed in the rights of Intellectual Property for Designers.


Sharon’s official slogan is “Turn your ideas into assets™”. As the author of acclaimed book “Owning It: A Creatives Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law”, she is attuned to the “plain English” language of the law as it best serves small business owners like us.


Sharon Givoni Consulting is a boutique law firm specialising in intellectual property and commercial law matters for businesses of all sizes.


Sharon Givoni is a highly experienced lawyer and Registered Trade Mark Attorney. She is a creative problem solver and an articulate communicator and is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal advice in a straightforward and pragmatic manner.


With offices located in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Sharon Givoni Consulting can assist in obtaining the best outcome for you and your business.

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