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Immersive Wellness Experiences: 2022 Byron Retreat

Guests at our 2022 Byron Retreat will be treated to a range of wellness activities, to help rejuvenate, reinvigorate and restore balance.

Well known as one of the epicentres of wellbeing, Byron Bay is gifted with an exquisite environment (both land and sea), superb weather and soil that is rich in healing crystals. Add to this a community driven by health, healing and a touch of hedonism, and you have a recipe for magic.

Following on from the amazing experiences offered to our 2021 Byron Retreat guests, we are excited to offer an extended program in 2022, that will provide further opportunity for wellness activities.

As a Retreat first, we are also going to be offering guests the option to book specialist healing and beauty treatments to further build upon their Retreat experience. Details of these treatments will be provided in the coming months.

Today we want to introduce some of the wellness activities planned for our 2022 Byron Retreat.


Soma, Meditation Retreat, Byron Bay. Our incredible venue for Byron Retreat 2022.

Located 10 minutes from Byron Bay in the lush green Hinterland, Soma is a retreat venue capturing the hearts of wellness lovers around the world.

Nestled into a historic bamboo forests, the modern architecture of Soma provides expansive, restorative views of the surrounding hills, instantly beckoning guests to unwind and release the worries of the world. Designed and built by co-owners Gary Gorrow and Peter Ostick, the venue is tailored to Retreat groups who want to focus on wellness and embrace personal and professional growth.

Featuring a freshwater infinity lap pool, the house also has a sunken firepit, an organic syntropic garden with a spring-fed dam laden with lotus flowers, and massage and Ayurvedic treatment rooms nestled in nature.


Geodesic Yoga Dome, Soma.

Guests at the 2022 Byron Retreat will be invited to experience morning yoga sessions in the purpose-built Geodesic Yoga Dome, nestled into the bamboo forest at Soma.

A geodesic dome is a sphere-like construction with a framework of lightweight bars forming a network of self-supporting and self-balancing triangular structures and requiring the minimal use of materials. The structure mimics nature and it's harmonic architecture invites tranquility and peaceful thoughts.

Yoga is the perfect way to combine a workout and mindfulness, setting our delegates off on a solid path for a day of inspiration and learning.


Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical instruments and implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state.

Singing Bowl Therapy uses Quartz crystal bowls and Gongs tuned at strategic frequencies for healing different parts of the body and mind. Hauntingly beautiful, the melodies of the crystal bowls use tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.

Introduced at the 2021 Byron Retreat, this is an experience that was well received by our delegates. It will certainly be a feature in all of our Retreat wellness programs for years to come.


With a focus on balance, seasonality and variety, the menu for our 2022 Byron Retreat will be largely plant-based, with well-considered additions of fish and meat proteins. Special dietary requirements will also be catered for.

As we investigated at the 2021 Retreat, gut health is inextricably intertwined with our overall physical, mental and emotional health. For next year, we're putting our money where out mouth is, and creating a special wellness menu that will leave guests feeling lighter, healthier and happier.

Local nutritionist Josh Reed will once again join us to help guide our guests to make healthier diet choices that will nurture happy gut bacteria and go on to transform overall wellbeing.


Learning to quiet our minds through meditation has been proven to increase our natural happiness chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin. It's also been shown to improve work productivity and focus.

Meditation can also help fight depression and anxiety, and is used to promote a healthier, deeper sleep. In some communities that practice regularly, meditation has been proven to bolster the immune system and extend lifespans.

Guided by a skilled meditation instructor, our Retreat guests will have the opportunity to practice meditation skills in a nurturing, calming environment.

Combined with transformational business workshops, inspirational property tours, and the opportunity to connect with a beautiful group of designers, our Wellness Program at the 2022 Byron Retreat will leave you feeling reinvigorated and recharged, ready to kick some amazing goals in 2022.

Want to find out more? Head to our website HERE for more details about dates, inclusions and pricing. To have a chat to Andrew about how the Retreat might work for you, email to organise a time to chat.

Our Smart Bird offer (save $250) is available for a limited time.

2022 Byron Retreat "Growth"


18 - 24 February 2022


Soma, Bryon Bay, NSW

Please note that due to COVID-19, event details may change.

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