Interview with Byron George (Russell & George)

Next week we will be holding an exciting Masterclass with the talented duo Byron George and Ryan Russell of Russell & George. This highly awareded multi-disciplinary design firm are responsible for some of the most admired interior fit-outs throughout around Australia and internationally. Their work is bold and adventurous and they have an approach to the design process that challenges the norm. They are one of the few firms in the world who have been invited by Aesop to design, not just one, but a number of their iconic stores.

We met up with Byron recently and would like to share the conversation with you.

"The Bride and Groom" residential project by Russell and George

TDC: Welcome to The Design Coach community Byron!  Many of our members would have experienced your designs through the incredible retail environments of the Aesop and Crumpler stores you have designed. However, we are particularly in awe of Space & Time: headquarters for your practice and the location for our upcoming Masterclass. What was the inspiration for the interior? Was it easy being your own clients?

BG: Space & Time, what it is and how it came about was really about us putting into practice some of the ideas that we wanted to explore spatially. The idea was about a totally flexible space that could be used by various parties at various times of the day for different things. It also was an idea for us to literally design everything and explore some of our ideas around the psychology how space affects people. As for being our own clients - it was great - we literally tested everything and made sure every component was measured on the original core idea - something you don’t often get to do when working for others.