Talking Retail Design With Aesop

In a fortnight we will be hosting our second Masterclass in Melbourne with arguably one of the most iconic Australian retail brands, Aesop.

What does it take to create a world class brand with award winning interiors? How do you manage an international team working on multiple projects across multiple continents? Moreover, how do you deal with all the chaos that we know can exist in the design and construction of commercial projects, still maintaining an air of calm and wellness that is vital to your brand and identity?

We chat with Aesop’s Head of Retail Design and Development, Rowan Lodge about how he operates as a conductor, driven by the vision “to nourish through intellectual interaction”. With teams in Melbourne, Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, Rowan spends a large part of his year traveling the globe nurturing the relationships that form the foundation of the company’s significant success.

TDC: How many stores do Aesop currently have in Australia and across the globe? How many countries are you currently trading in?

RL: Currently we have 35 stores around Australia and over 200 stores globally. In addition to that we’re in around 100 appropriate department stores around the world. As Australia is a mature market, 90% of our focus is on developing our off-shore presence with stores in 24 countries. It’s an organic growth that’s not driven by numbers.