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The 12 Areas Of Life Balance

Updated: May 1

You know that time in your life where everything feels "right"? You feel like everything is going well for you and the stars seem to be aligned. Chances are that you have a good amount of balance in all areas of your life, from work to play and everything in between.

A chart showing the 12 Areas of Life Balance

Conversely, there are times when we feel that nothing seems to be going our way and it's easy to feel that "life" is against us. In in these times it’s important to stop and analyse where these areas of imbalance exist and put a plan in place to remedy the situation to the best of our ability.

There will always be influencing factors that are out of our control: events or situations that affect us negatively. It’s in these times that seeking balance is even more crucial, so that we place ourselves in environments that nurture us (rather than hinder us) and seek the love and support of people who we know have our back.

The 12 Areas of Life Balance

Contrary to popular belief, dedicating time to improve the elements of our life outside work can actually help to increase work productivity. Recent research has shown that a well-balanced life improves focus, motivation and general wellbeing.

As world-renowned author, entrepreneur and wellness advocate Ariana Huffington notes in her book “Thrive”:

“Indeed, not only is there no trade-off between living a well-rounded life and high performance, performance is actually improved when our life becomes more balanced.”

We’ve identified 12 Areas of Life Balance that cover the aspects of your life that most significantly influence your happiness, productivity and wellbeing. These 12 areas can be divided into 4 key Realms of Focus: Your Health, Your People, Your Environment and Your Growth. Access our 12 Areas of Life Balance Self- Assessment by clicking the button below.


The 12 Areas of Life Balance

1st Realm of Focus: Your Health

Our health is our ultimate wealth.

Nurturing our mind, body and spirit will enable us to live a balanced and fruitful life.

In this section we review the quality of your physical health, emotional and spiritual health and financial health and provide suggestions for immediate steps you can take to make improvements.

The 12 Areas of Life Balance

Area 1: Your Physical Health

Area 2: Your Emotional and Spiritual Health

Area 3: Your Financial Health


The 12 Areas of Life Balance

2nd Realm of Focus: Your People

To a large extent, we are the sum of the people we spend the most time with, including our friends, family and work mates. As tribal beings, we seek to be accepted and long for approval.

In this section we review the quality of your relationships at home, at work and in the greater community. Suggestions are provided for actions to take to improve the quality of relationships that may be lacking.

The 12 Areas of Life Balance

Area 4: Your Home People

Area 5: Your Work People

Area 6: Your Wider Community


The 12 Areas of Life Balance

3rd Realm of Focus: Your Environment

The quality of the spaces we inhabit strongly influence our physical, emotional and spiritual health. To live a fully optimised and balanced life, we need access to natural light, fresh air and regular connection to nature.

The environments in which we work, rest and play (including our holiday destinations) will either add to, or detract from, our wellbeing. In this section we review the quality of the spaces you inhabit.

The 12 Areas of Life Balance

Area 7: Your Home Environment

Area 8: Your Work Environment

Area 9: Your Adventures


The 12 Areas of Life Balance

4th Realm of Focus: Your Growth

In our lifetime, we will be faced with many obstacles and challenges.

We have a choice to embrace these as opportunities to learn and grow, no matter what our age or personal circumstances may be.

Important influences on our growth are creative play, rest and relaxation. These activities reduce anxiety, allow healing and encourage positive neuroplasticity.

In this final section we review the quality of your personal and professional development, and check in with your levels of creativity, rest and play.

The 12 Areas of Life Balance

Area 10: Learning

Area 11: Career

Area 12: Rest, Play and Creativity


We’ve created a comprehensive 12 Areas of Life Balance Self-Assessment, where we encourage you to review your current state of balance, as determined by the quality of the 4 Realms of Focus. After reviewing your Self-Assessment, we provide you with some actionable steps to help regain a sense of equilibrium and balance.

You can access the 12 Areas of Life Balance Self-Assessment by clicking the button below.


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