What is integrity? And why does it matter?

Updated: Jan 19

Five ways you can lead with integrity, in life and in business.

Integrity is about making the right choice, even if no one knows about it. Image credit: Jon Tyson

Integrity. The quality all good design professionals aspire to have. The adjective that features in the bio of most high achievers. The thing that contributes to our enduring success, in business and in life.

Integrity is defined as the, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. Some people believe you’re born with integrity, but like most things, it’s a choice. A choice you make every day to live in a way that reflects your values. It’s deciding to do the right thing. Even if it sucks. Even if it’s awkward and confronting. Even if no one knows about it.

Having integrity can be tough, sometimes it means taking a harder path to achieve a fair result. But it is always, always worth it. Here are a five ways to make sure your moral compass is pointing in the right direction.

You have to work collaboratively and keep learning from others. Image credit: You X Ventures

1. Lead with Empathy

Make sure you treat people with care and compassion. This is especially important now. If your clients, suppliers or fellow designers are having a challenging time, reach out and offer an ear (or a socially-distanced elbow). If you’re good to people during the tough times, you’ll be remembered positi