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Soma RISE Wellness Course

The Design Coach is proud to partner with Soma Byron Bay to bring you RISE.

What is RISE?

RISE is a unique online series empowering you with knowledge and practices to enhance your mental health, overcome stress and anxiety and ultimately gain mastery of the mind.


To maintain our health, happiness and high performance, recalibration with effective resources during these times is key. RISE is a course to empower people with a new perspective, practical knowledge and science-based tools that will serve to create the foundations for a richer life.


Soma’s first-ever online course for mindfulness and meditation, RISE is led by Gary Gorrow, a qualified Ayurvedic health coach with over 17 years of experience as a Vedic Meditation practitioner (master teacher). Well respected throughout the world as a mindfulness expert, Gary is also a high-performance coach and motivational speaker.


RISE will help you:

RISE will help you:

  • Gain freedom from anxiety or stress

  • Gain mastery over your mind

  • Learn powerful techniques to balance your nervous system

  • Accelerate your personal development

  • Enhance mental and physical health

  • Become proficient in meditation and mindfulness

  • Develop greater resilience, psychological flexibility, and inner stability

What you get

RISE is a seven-module online series created to give you the tools, resources and practices to nullify stress and anxiety and transform your life.


When you purchase RISE you get access to Soma Collective online where you can join online webinars, group meditations and access the members forum and interact with the RISE community.

The Course

MODULE 1 : Cause and Effect
Understand the root causes and systemic effects of anxiety and stress in our modern world.

MODULE 2 : Understanding Your Nervous System
Our nervous system is the central operator of our body. Its state and function play a vital role in every aspect of our lives, especially our wellbeing. The shift starts here.

MODULE 3 : The Seven Principles
Look deeply into any field and you’ll discover there are certain fundamental elements that serve to uphold its integrity or otherwise.  

Here we will explore integral pieces in the puzzle of balanced living:
- Remove Interference: there are some things that ignite our potential and others that interfere. Identifying them is the key.
- Meditation: understanding the nature and mechanics of meditation.
- Healthy Routine: learn the basic elements we should incorporate into the landscape of our everyday lives.
- Herbal Support: the power of adaptogenic plants to support our wellbeing.
- Self-Regulation: in a fluctuating world it’s vital to learn to master the art of regulating your emotions.
- Cultivate Your Mind: the mind is a field of tremendous possibility, be sure to cultivate it wisely.

MODULE 4: Practices
While we need the knowledge to sharpen our intellectual understanding, we also need authentic practices that generate a distinct psychophysiological change to support our movement towards becoming unshakeable. Here we have included videos including breathwork sessions, mindfulness techniques and yoga classes.

MODULE 5 : Mind Fables
An animated exploration of several fables that reveal compelling teachings on the nature of the human mind.

MODULE 6 : Rise Conversations

In these conversations, Soma’s Gary Gorrow and Peter Ostick take a candid look at the real-life experiences of anxiety. 

With 20 years of experience building companies in the media and technology sector, Peter struggled for many years with stress and crippling anxiety. Through engaging in the RISE process he was able to fortify himself from within and gain freedom from this anxiety. Together they reveal useful insights and real-life examples of how to apply this knowledge to your own situation. 

In this module we also learn about Gary’s personal story and how that journey led him to Soma.

MODULE  7 : Choose to RISE
The power of the mind is undeniable. This module explores the workings of our awareness and how each person, either consciously or unconsciously, determines how they are going to experience the world.


“The program gave me the tools to work on myself in a really deep way. It tackled the difficult topic of anxiety with sensitivity, support and practical tools. Absolutely helpful.” 

- Whitney M

Standard Membership

12 Months:

US$220 (AUD$302)

One-off payment

TDC Member

12 Months (Save $50):

US$183 (AUD$252)

One-off payment 

TDC Retreat & PGCP.3

TDC Member Price - 12 Months (Save AUD$100):

US$147 (AUD$202)

One-off payment

Refer to the email from TDC. If you cannot locate your discount link, please contact us.

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