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Andrew Mitchell

Andrew has been working in the design industry for more than 25 years and established his award-winning business MR. MITCHELL in November of 2000.

Your Coach :
Andrew Mitchell

From the early days of his business, Andrew has always strived to contribute to both the design community and the community at large. Over the years he has contributed to mentoring programs for design students and has instigated community events that have creatively inspired participants, also raising money for multiple charitable organisations including the Breast Cancer Australia, The Lighthouse Foundation and the National Trust of Australia.
As the founder of The Design Coach Australia, Andrew contributes to the ongoing professional development of designers and is creating a platform for connecting and advancing the design community. With a particular focus on creating, implementing and communicating solid systems and processes, Andrew is committed to helping other designers and architects achieve greater freedom and profitability within their businesses.
Over the years of his business, Andrew has experienced many highs and lows and made many mistakes. As a sole operator, there were often times of feeling isolated, so much so that he was driven to the edge of quitting. However, it is those very mistakes that are now the foundation of the successful systems and processes that have guided his business to considerable success.




Andrew is suitable for:

- Designers (interior designers, architects, stylists, interior decorators, students and suppliers) who are keen to set goals and need assistance implementing them.

- Small business owners who want to improve their systems, processes and fee structure.


- Emerging designers who need guidance setting up their own business.


- Designers who have challenging relationships with clients or suppliers.


- Designers wanting to grow, improve and take their business to the next level.

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“At The Design Coach we understand that the world of design can be quite overwhelming, especially in the early stages of establishing a business, and for that reason we really encourage our new members to reach out.


We are here to direct new members into the right courses, classes or coaching programs that

will suit their unique needs.”

- Andrew Mitchell


Andrew’s coaching has been so integral to the growth and development of our interior business.

Without Andrew’s guidance the last 12 months we would be in a completely different place with our

clients, our staff and our internal processes.

We have had some pretty challenging circumstances to face in the last few months. When we have needed

support and coaching through these difficult times Andrew always made himself available.

Andrew is honest, level-headed and offers a clear perspective and actionable steps to a positive outcome.

We don’t know what we would do without him on our team.

- Sarah and Danielle, SJS Design

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