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Louise Walker

Louise has spent the past decade working as a developmental coach, facilitating the inner freedom of her clients through identifying what’s been holding them back.

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Your Coach :
Louise Walker

Her style of intentionally disruptive coaching empowers her clients, encouraging a new awareness in their behaviour – reframing un-resourceful thinking and shifting old patterns in the process.

Having previously worked as the in-house coach for five-star health retreat, The Golden Door (now Elysia Wellness Retreat), Louise also now consults as a developmental coach for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs at: Select Wellness, The Coaching Room, New Beginnings, and Prism Performance.

Prior to pursuing her path as a coach and facilitator, Louise spent many years in the experiential marketing world. Her role was to design and activate events to elicit emotional connections between brands and their target consumers. She’s created events, stunts and road shows for many businesses such as Google, Nintendo, 3 mobile, Abbotts Village Bakery. 

Currently, Louise incorporates The Enneagram (an ancient wisdom personality profiling tool) into her work, and her years of training as a Master NLP Practitioner, Meta Coach, Enneagram coach and Integral Coach, means she holds a transformative and powerful coaching space. The developmental coaching she offers is intentionally disruptive, to bring awareness to and shift habitual patterns and conditioned ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  

Louise is suitable for:

All members who are committed to investigating their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour, in order to:

- Establish greater self-awareness
- Create new habits
- Re-frame thinking, to allow for more inner freedom

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“At The Design Coach we understand that the world of design can be quite overwhelming, especially in the early stages of establishing a business, and for that reason we really encourage our new members to reach out.


We are here to direct new members into the right courses, classes or coaching programs that

will suit their unique needs.”

- Andrew Mitchell


Andrew’s coaching has been so integral to the growth and development of our interior business.

Without Andrew’s guidance the last 12 months we would be in a completely different place with our

clients, our staff and our internal processes.

We have had some pretty challenging circumstances to face in the last few months. When we have needed

support and coaching through these difficult times Andrew always made himself available.

Andrew is honest, level-headed and offers a clear perspective and actionable steps to a positive outcome.

We don’t know what we would do without him on our team.

- Sarah and Danielle, SJS Design

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