Why Wellness?

Updated: Jan 19

Is wellness for wankers?

Is wellness just for wankers? Does it immediately conjure up images of hipsters drinking biodynamic, organic, sustainably sourced soy chai lattes after a Yin Yoga session?

My father, a highly respected surgeon in Ballarat during his working years, is a staunch believer in “real medicine” and believes alternative therapies are for wankers. That’s totally understandable, coming from a generation that considered mental health to fall in the alternative therapy category.

We have a different view!

It’s no secret that wellness is a big priority here at The Design Coach. We focus on ensuring our coaching clients strive for balance in their lives and have integrated wellbeing activities into past and future retreats. Our philosophy is that without personal wellness our business wellbeing will suffer.

The term “wellness” has certainly been tainted by overuse, abused by advertising companies and randomly slotted into the Operations Manuals of major companies around the world with appointed “Wellness Representatives” presented with a list of obscure guidelines to follow.

People often interchange the term “mindfulness” with “wellness”. Mindfulness (the practice of being aware in the moment) is certainly a big part of a healthy routine for mental health but should not be confused with overall wellness and wellbeing.

Wellness can be either an adjective (description of a state of being) or a verb (an activity focused on an outcome). Wikipedia defines it as “a state beyond absence of illness but rather aims to optimize wellbeing.” Our belief is that illness can infiltrate you via your physical, mental and emotional being, and as such we need to nurture all three of these pillars of personal health.