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TDC Coaching: What Type Is Right For You?

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The coaching industry has dramatically expanded and evolved, especially in the last ten years. There are now many different coaching modalities designed to support you to expand and grow both professionally and personally. As an entrepreneur, coaching is an investment in the growth of your business, however that looks to you.

In this article we’ll review the three types of Coaching offered at TDC to help you get a feel for the different flavours and establish which style is most suited to you right now. This will depend on where you’re at with your business and what support you need in your working life and in your emotional, mental health and spiritual world.

How is coaching different from counselling?

Coaching is facilitation, offering generative change, whereas counselling is remedial, talk therapy that may focus more on the past and the content of those experiences.

The three distinct styles of coaching offered at TDC focus on different aspects of your personal and professional growth. These approaches are designed to support you with the development of your business, your business expansion and your personal behaviours and habits.

  • Business Coaching - with Andrew and Alix for development of your business

  • Business Development Coaching - with James for expansion of your business.

  • Developmental Coaching - with Louise for development and expansion of yourself.

These coaching modalities seamlessly weave into and complement one another. Business Coaching and Business Development Coaching both include mentoring and offer advice and guidance. Often they will be supported with specific tools, techniques or templates to help generate the results you're striving to achieve. Developmental coaching, however, is pure facilitation: the power of the questions asked means you come up with your own answers, rather than your coach recommending solutions for you.

Image by Fallon Michael, Unsplash

Wondering where to start?

Here’s an overview of each coaching modality and who it’s suitable for. This will help you get clear on where to start, as it’s dependent on where you’re at with your current business and personal growth journey.

Modality 1: Business Coaching

If your immediate priority is to improve your professional business skills and performance, then this may be your starting point. A Business Coaching session will include strategic thinking focused on the challenges you are currently facing within your specific business.

Business Coaching is particularly useful when change is happening in your business. That may include the important stage of first setting up your business, or when your business is growing or downsizing. Working with a Business Coach can also support you if you’re bringing on a new team member, changing the nature of your work, finetuning new systems and processes, or even taking your business into a new area.

The approach with our Business Coaching is to understand what's working and what's not working within your business, review your current systems and provide suggestions for ways to improve your outcomes. We are always listening without judgement, providing support and advice based on many years of working in the design industry.

Andrew Mitchell, Director and Business Coach at TDC

Who is Business Coaching suitable for?

  • Designers, architects, stylists, interior decorators, students and suppliers who are keen to set goals and need assistance implementing them.

  • Small business owners who want to improve their systems, processes and fee structure or who have challenging relationships with clients or suppliers

  • Emerging designers who need guidance setting up their own business, as well as designers wanting to grow, improve and take their business to the next level.

1:1 or Group Business Coaching?

There are also opportunities throughout the year to join Group Business Coaching, such as our Business Bootcamp (our next program launches in August 2023) or our Business Mastermind programme (our next program launches in October 2023).

Group Coaching provides the opportunity to address common pressure points experienced by most designers and architects working in small businesses, with the added advantage of community. Members in our Group Coaching Programs regularly provide feedback that the support of their fellow program members is a huge bonus.

Modality 2: Business Development Coaching

This concentrates specifically on the growth of a business. It focuses on strategies, skills and actions to develop and expand your business successfully, including: market analysis; sales techniques; networking; strategic partnerships; and identifying growth opportunities.

You’ll learn about strategies and actions geared towards expanding the business's reach, customer base, revenue and market presence.

TDC Business Development Coach James will support you and help you to build your business by allocating time each week to business development, and by building relationships with new clients and really listening to their needs.

Image by Medien Sturmer, Unsplash

Who is Business Development Coaching suitable for?

  • Business owners looking to develop systems and processes to support a solid Business Development Plan, to grow and expand their business.

  • Entrepreneurs wishing to develop and implement a sales strategy to ensure a future pipeline for their business.

Developmental Coaching

Developmental Coaching provides a powerful, compassionate conversation to explore your inner frameworks, thought processes and patterns that are holding you back. It’s an invitation to break through self-imposed limitations - and to step fully into your potential.

During your sessions, you will uncover your blind spots, your self-sabotage tendencies, and your unresourceful thinking patterns. In this powerful coaching process you free yourself, to move forward into the next iteration of you.

You can’t solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them⁠: the developmental style of coaching empowers you to view your life events from a broader perspective. Consequently, problems that once seemed insurmountable become recognized as growth and healing opportunities, as you get to look at these situations with new understanding.

Who is Developmental Coaching suitable for?

  • You may be experiencing a calling from within to free yourself from some of the thinking, feeling and behaviour that you know isn't serving you. For example, does a similar challenge keep arising with your clients or work colleagues, and you realise the common denominator in all these situations is you?

  • You may well be coming up against frustrated, fearful, “stuck” thinking and behaviours around your business and in your relationship with yourself and others.

If you’re committed to investigating your thought patterns and behaviour, to establish greater self-awareness, create new habits and reframe your thinking, then you may be ready for 1:1 Developmental Coaching.

Image by Austin Chan, Unsplash

Opportunities to experience Group Developmental Coaching with Louise:

  • Our New Zealand Retreat, “Discover”, in Queenstown in October 2023 will include two three-hour workshops to explore The Enneagram, which is one of the lenses used in Developmental Coaching (please refer to previous Enneagram blogs). The sessions will include inquiry coaching questions, as well as in-the-moment, Developmental Coaching with the group

  • A complimentary Group Developmental Coaching via Zoom for TDC Members (Monday 10th July 2023) on the subject of “Imposter Syndrome and Self-Belief in Business”

Why these coaching modalities work so well together

In both Business Coaching and Business Development Coaching, you are working “on” your business. In Developmental Coaching however you will be exploring what is running “behind the scenes” for you and hindering your progress.

Imagine you are working with a TDC Business Coach to set social media marketing goals, however you keep procrastinating and self-sabotaging your success, perhaps due to self-judgement. This is where Developmental Coaching will benefit you as it’ll allow you to bring into conscious awareness any old stories you’re running, perhaps about not being good enough. This form of coaching will help you unravel such beliefs, which, until they’re uncovered, can hold you back from achieving the goals you’ve set with your Business or Business Development Coach.

Image by, Unsplash

Each coaching modality is powerful in its own right, however, when combined, they have the potential to really accelerate your growth.

Ready for the acceleration of personal and professional growth?

Keen to experience the magic of viewing the world and yourself differently as a result of coaching?

We’d love to connect with you and discuss which coaching route is right for you, so click here to set up a complimentary Discovery Call.

Find out more about The Design Coach: who we are and what we stand for.

Stay well, and believe in you!

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