Interview with Neil Hugh Kenna

They say that behind every successful person, there is a great partner, supporting and nurturing with love and respect. At The Design Coach, we know that behind every great business, there is a community of people loving and supporting in a manner that enables and empowers. Neil Hugh Kenna is one of those community members, supporting some of the most successful and respected designers in Australia. His studio is responsible for helping to shape the branding and marketing strategies of companies like Mim Design, Fiona Lynch, Studio Tate, Porcelain Bear, Articolo and many more....

Next Thursday we have the privelege of being invited into the studio of Neil Hugh Office to learn about the branding strategies that help attract the right kind of attention to these established brands.

Examining the importance of understanding and defining brand values, brand positioning and brand differentiation, together we will explore how and why these crucial foundations are fundamental to business success. As an exclusive entrée to Neil Hugh Office’s proprietary ‘Brand Definition’ process, an interactive format we allow us to unlock these themes and discuss how you can best articulate the nuances of your brand in the context of target markets and the broader brand landscape.

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This week we sat down with Neil Hugh Kenna to find out more about how he came to position himself as a true industry leader.

- Andrew and Jillian

Neil Hugh Kenna, founder of Neil Hugh Office

TDC: Neil, welcome to The Design Coach community! For most of us, we have admired your work without acknowledging the brains behind the branding strategy and marketing. When we think of Mim Design, Golden or KPDO (to name a few), we imagine a carefully crafted brand and marketing strategy. Where do you start with a new client?